What are all Clockwork Castellans locations in Resident Evil 4? Clockwork Castellans are a type of Collectible in the game, and you'll need to find and destroy all of them to complete Challenges and unlock Trophies. As part of our Resident Evil 4 Remake guide, we're going to reveal all Clockwork Castellans locations. Finding your first Clockwork Castellan unlocks the Revolt Against the Revolting Trophy, and then finding them unlocks the Revolution Wind-up Trophy.

Resident Evil 4 Remake: All Clockwork Castellans Locations

Resident Evil 4 Remake: All Clockwork Castellans Locations 1
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There are 16 Clockwork Castellans to find and destroy in the game. They are small animatronics in the shape of Ramón Salazar, who is one of the main antagonists. You will not easily spot them, but you will hear them moving when you get close to one. If you start to hear distinct creaking noises — as its arms move up and down — search the environment high and low.

To register having found a Clockwork Castellan, you need to shoot it. As well as unlocking the Revolution Wind-up Trophy, you'll also be rewarded with the Primal Knife for finding them all. Each Chapter has a Clockwork Castellan for you to find. Due to the open-ended nature of some of them, you will be able to find some Clockwork Castellans from previous Chapters later on. Below you'll find all Clockwork Castellans locations.

Clockwork Castellan #1

Chapter: 1
Village — Lakeside Settlement

Southwest of the Lakeside Settlement is a building next to the shore of the lake. Head inside by climbing through the window on its southeastern corner and then walk through to the room where the front door is. Look up and to your right, and you'll spot the Clockwork Castellan up in the rafters.

Clockwork Castellan #2

Chapter: 2
Village — north of the Abandoned Factory

Once you've unlocked the gate opposite the Merchant outside the Abandoned Factory by grabbing the required item from the nearby Valley, follow the linear path until you find a small shed on your left. Right inside the entrance on your right is some hay with Clockwork Castellan #2 inside.

Clockwork Castellan #3

Chapter: 3
Village — northeast of the Quarry

In the cave where the Merchant is, drop down to the little wooden pier and take the path around to the right. If you encounter the Locked Drawer, you've gone too far. Take the correct path to the end and look up on top of the wooden boxes. You'll see Clockwork Castellan #3 poking out on top, allowing you to shoot it.

Clockwork Castellan #4

Chapter: 4
Village — Forest Altar

Once you're able to freely explore the Lake aboard a boat, head north to the Lakeside Settlement. Using the Insignia Key, you can now access to cave in the north of this area. Go inside, head up the ladder and look over the fence in the back. To the left on the ground is another Clockwork Castellan to shoot.

Clockwork Castellan #5

Chapter: 5
Village — Village Chief's Manor

This Clockwork Castellan is located in the attic of the Village Chief's Manor, which you can only access from Chapter 5 onwards. In the bedroom upstairs, there's a lever you can pull behind one of the photos hanging on the wall. This reveals a ladder, which you can command Ashley to climb up and use. Once in the attic, look for the baby cot on the left-hand side. Here you'll find the Clockwork Castellan behind a bucket and a chess set.

Clockwork Castellan #6

Chapter: 6
Village — Checkpoint

On the path down into the area named Checkpoint, you'll pass by a gorge on your right. At the end next to a fire is the Clockwork Castellan.

Clockwork Castellan #7

Chapter: 7
Castle — Above the Dungeons, in the room before the Treasury

After defeating the Garrador (blind enemy with long claws), you'll use the Dungeon Key to unlock a new path. In the room you reach upon climbing the ladder, follow the path until you spot a breakable barrel and a Green Herb. On the top shelf of the storage racks here is a Clockwork Castellan.

Clockwork Castellan #8

Chapter: 8
Castle — Castle Battlements

During Chapter 8, you'll make your way through the Castle by using yellow levers attached to doors. Eventually, you'll come out the other side and encounter an El Gigante in a cutscene that throws rocks at you during gameplay. From this position, head right and drop down onto the castle walls (this will be to the west of your position on the Map). Climb the ladder leading up to the next turret, then follow the path around to find a Clockwork Castellan placed on top of some sandbags.

Clockwork Castellan #9

Chapter: 9
Castle — Courtyard

At the very start of Chapter 9 in the Courtyard, you'll need to make your way through a hedge maze. Analyse your Map and follow the path to the northwest corner, underneath the entrance and the Typewriter. At the end of the path is a First Aid Spray, but look in the right-hand corner beyond the boxes to find a Clockwork Castellan.

Clockwork Castellan #10

Chapter: 10
Castle — Sewer passage after the Depths

After escaping the Depths, you'll work your way through a sewer passage. When you find the room on your left with the Merchant inside, look through the grate on the wall opposite. The Head of a Clockwork Castellan is poking out at the top, allowing you to shoot it.

Clockwork Castellan #11

Chapter: 11
Castle — Stopover

Following the first mine cart ride, you'll come to the Stopover area. Kill the enemies in the first room you come across up the stairs, and then look on top of the wall that's on the same side as the Treasure. You'll spot the Clockwork Castellan in the middle.

Clockwork Castellan #12

Chapter: 12
Castle — Clock Tower

As soon as you enter the Clock Tower, you'll be treated to a short cutscene where Ramón Salazar sets his goons on you. In the northeast corner of this ground floor, you're able to look under the staircase. On top of a box is a Clockwork Castellan.

Clockwork Castellan #13

Chapter: 13
Island — Northeast of the Wharf

After making your way through the Wharf area and coming out the other side of some tunnels, the objective will guide you up a staircase northwest of your position. However, just below you will be some enemies to kill, one of which has a rocket launcher. After killing them, go to the little area where they were. Underneath the red shipping container is a Clockwork Castellan.

Clockwork Castellan #14

Chapter: 14
Island — Campsite

Following the cutscene in which Saddler takes control of Ashley and kidnaps her, you'll happen upon the Campsite. Take the path to your right, and in a control room on the right will be a Clockwork Castellan on top of some lockers.

Clockwork Castellan #15

Chapter: 15
Island — Specimen Storage

Up in the rafters of the same room you acquire the Splendid Bangel in. It's just before the main room marked Specimen Storage on the Map.

Clockwork Castellan #16

Chapter: 16
Island — Underground Passage

After defeating Saddler, you'll be up against a countdown timer as you run along the Underground Passage. When you reach a room full of enemies writhing around on the floor, look at the boxes just beyond a forklift truck in the northern part of the area as you look at the Map. On top will be the final Clockwork Castellan.

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