Do you need a Chapter 10 walkthrough for Resident Evil 4? This is the tenth of 16 Chapters in the game, which form the Main Story. As part of our Resident Evil 4 Remake guide, we're going to share our in-depth Chapter 10 walkthrough. It will cover every enemy encounter, puzzle solutions, highlight Collectibles, mention Blue Request Notes, and touch on any other points of interest. The walkthrough is broken down into the main objectives the game tells you to complete.

After Leon is caught in a trap, it was Ashley's turn to save the day. But their joyous reunion is short-lived as she is captured by the enemy once again. Leon heads farther into the castle to rescue her.

Resident Evil 4 Remake: Chapter 10 Walkthrough

Resident Evil 4 Remake: Chapter 10 Walkthrough 1
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After playing as Ashley in Chapter 9, the side-kick has managed to get herself kidnapped yet again. Therefore, the controls switch back to Leon as he's let out of the cage he wound himself up in.

Head for the Throne Room

After the radio call with Ada, you'll need to make your way to the Throne Room. You can get there by heading east, but first consider doing another lap of the Library and Mausoleum, this time as Leon. As well as completing a Blue Request Note called Merciless Knight, you can grab more Treasures.

Once you've collected everything, head into the Ballroom via the staircase outside and encountering the Novistadors for the first time. Head to the bottom floor and you'll need to fend off an entire swarm of Novistadors; pay close attention to the ones that can camouflage themselves. When they're all dead, sweep the room for supplies and Treasures and use the second staircase in the Ballroom. You'll find a lever up there to pull, which gets you halfway to unlocking a gate. You'll find the second lever up a ladder which can be accessed by running underneath the scaffolding on the northern side of the Ballroom. With both gates out of the way, continue east to the Throne Room.

To lower the drawbridge, shoot the two counterweights. There's one right next to it at the top and then a second hidden behind it at the bottom. It's easiest to shoot if you go back a little and aim from the left. You'll find yourself in the Antechamber next, which presents a rather difficult combat encounter. There are Zealots ahead and two Garradors. Despite the fact the Garradors rely on sound to find you — which would suggest using stealth — it's not a good approach for this particular fight. We strongly recommend staying on the move at all times, clearing the way with Hand Grenades if you can get enemies to bunch up together.

Deal with the Zealots first, then focus on the Garradors one at a time; it's a much easier fight if you can split the two of them up. Once they're dead, they'll both drop Unicorn Horns which can be slotted into the busts on either side of the gate at the back of the Antechamber. You'll now be free to enter the Throne Room.

Make Your Way to the Surface

In a cutscene, Leon will be thrown down into the Depths. The path out of this area is completely linear, so simply follow it around and kill the Novistadors you encounter. When you reach the building, grab the Elegant Crown and then kick a hole in the wall next to it. There's a Yellow Herb on the other side and a ladder to take you out of the Depths. You'll be in a sewage system now, with the linear corridor taking you to the Merchant and a Clockwork Castellan.

The next corridor will finish with a dead end, but it also has an Elevator that'll get you back to where you need to be. The problem is it's out of order. If you continue following the mysterious corridor — complete with creepy cutscenes of something following you — you'll find the Circuit Breaker. This starts to restore power to the Elevator, but it's taking its sweet time about it.

A monster called Verdugo will now start attacking you, and you'll either need to kill it or wait out the time until the Elevator arrives. To start with, though, you'll need to slowly use the crank to release the door blocking you inside the Circuit Breaker room. Stun Verdugo and you should have the time to get out. There's a Yellow Diamond to collect on the way back, and you'll also be able to get into the Underground Laboratory now. There's no way to speed this process up; you simply need to survive long enough for the Elevator to get to you. There are panels you can use on the sides of the corridor which release gas onto Verdugo. When the Elevator finally arrives, make a run for it and get inside. Chapter 10 ends in the next cutscene.

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