How do you win at Conquest in MLB The Show 22? Conquest is one of Diamond Dynasty's flagship single player modes, and it works a little like the board game RISK, where you must conquer territories in order to increase the size of your fanbase and defeat rival teams. There are many Conquest maps in Sony San Diego Studio's baseball simulation at launch, and more will be added post-release, each offering unique rewards. As part of our MLB The Show 22 guide, we're going to explain how to win at Conquest. For more information, refer to our Diamond Dynasty walkthrough.

Please keep in mind that while this guide is focused primarily on MLB The Show 22, many of the concepts explained within also apply to MLB The Show 21 and MLB The Show 20, so if you're playing a previous version of the game then this page may still be of use to you, although certain features may differ slightly.

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MLB The Show 22: How to Win at Conquest

MLB The Show 22: How to Win at Conquest Guide 1

In this MLB The Show 22 guide, we're going to explain how to win at Conquest in MLB The Show 22. To win at Conquest, you'll need to conquer territory, defeat rival teams, and steal fans away from your opponents. As your command of the map increases, you'll be able to fortify your stronghold with more fans, allowing you to more easily conquer rival territories. Completing Conquest maps will help you to progress Programs and earn rewards, like Stubs.

Check the Map's Goals

MLB The Show 22: How to Win at Conquest Guide 2

The first thing you'll want to do when beginning a new Conquest campaign is to check the Goals of the map. There will always be tasks for you to complete, which will usually reward you with Stubs, XP, and even The Show Packs. Be sure to complete all of the Goals in each campaign for maximum rewards.

Be Aggressive During the Attack Phase

MLB The Show 22: How to Win at Conquest Guide 3

There are four phases that constitute a Turn in Conquest: Attack, Steal, Reinforce, and Move. The Attack phase is your opportunity to gobble up territory. You'll want to earn as many territories as possible as quickly as possible, because controlling more of the map will allow you to Reinforce with more fans. While it can be tempting to create barracks, we recommend capturing as many open territories as you possibly can during the Attack phase. The CPU is not particularly aggressive, and it will quickly cede control of the map to you, so make a beeline for an opponent and beat them as quickly as you can.

You can play every match in a Conquest map if you want to, but we recommend simulating any situations where you're taking a rival's territory, especially as the simulation is much faster in MLB The Show 22 than previous entries. You're only required to play a match when you attempt to steal your opponent's stronghold. Depending on your numerical advantage, you'll be able to select lower difficulties. For example, if you have 25 million fans attacking 5 million fans, you'll be able to play on Rookie. However, if it's just 10 million fans attacking 5 million fans, you may have to play on All-Star or even Hall of Fame. Try to reinforce your attacking territories until you're comfortable with the difficulty.

Stealing Fans Can Strengthen You Early On

MLB The Show 22: How to Win at Conquest Guide 4

As you begin to conquer a Conquest map, the need to Steal fans from rivals becomes less important. But in the early stages of a campaign, when you're not getting many Reinforcements, it can make sense to Steal from your biggest rivals. Generally you'll want to be playing on at least All-Star here, as higher difficulties will increase the amount of fans you steal; it's really not worth the time and effort playing on Rookie to just steal 1 million fans.

Reinforce Your Traversing Territory

MLB The Show 22: How to Win at Conquest Guide 5

The CPU tends to be quite meek in Conquest, so rather than reinforcing key territories and creating strongholds for your team, you're better off plugging all of your reinforcements into a single quadrant and using it to navigate the map and consume more territory. You can simulate any non-stronghold battles, and as long as you retain a numerical advantage you'll generally come out on top. In the Move phase, it's recommended you put everything into your travelling territory, to give you the best numerical advantage possible.

The More You Conquer, the Easier It Gets

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As you take control of more of the map, it becomes easier to dominate your shrinking rivals. Use that advantage to greedily conquer more territory, gobble up the rewards, and enforce your domination. Remember to keep an eye on your Goals and ensure you're making progress towards them. Once you've completed everything, you can choose to either Restart and tackle any Repeatable objectives or move on to a different map.

Do you have any other tips and tricks on how to win at Conquest in MLB The Show 22? Take a look at our MLB The Show 22 guide, and simulate a match or three in the comments section below.