MLB The Show 22: Best Ballplayer Loadouts and Perks Guide 1

What are the best Ballplayer Loadouts and perks in MLB The Show 22? This year's release allows you to create multiple Ballplayers, which can be used in Road to the Show and Diamond Dynasty. You can tailor your Ballplayers to your tastes using Archetypes and Perks, each of which influences your Ballplayer's ratings in a variety of way. As part of our MLB The Show 22 guide, we're going to explain the best Ballplayer Loadouts and Perks in the game.

Please be aware that while this guide is focused primarily on MLB The Show 22, many of the concepts explained within also apply to MLB The Show 21 and MLB The Show 20, so if you're playing a previous version of the game then this page should still help you, although certain features may differ slightly. It should also be acknowledged that MLB The Show 22 is a live service game that's intended to be updated throughout the course of the Major League Baseball season, so some of the details within are susceptible to change.

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MLB The Show 22: Best Ballplayer Loadouts and Perks

MLB The Show 22: Best Ballplayer Loadouts and Perks Guide 1

In this MLB The Show 22 guide, we're going to introduce the best Ballplayer Loadouts and Perks. It must be stressed that Ballplayer Loadouts are designed to provide as much flexibility as possible. While you'll need to level up each Archetype, as long as you're committed to completing Programs, you're free to create a variety of different Ballplayer Loadouts, each suited to a different circumstance or scenario. The bottom line here is that you can't really go wrong, and your focus should be more on creating the kind of Ballplayer you personally want to play as.


MLB The Show 22: Best Ballplayer Loadouts and Perks Guide 2

When creating a new Ballplayer, your starting Archetype Program will be determined by your position and playstyle. You'll be able to pick between a Pitcher, Position Player, or Two-Way Player. From there, you'll be able to further specify your Archetype and Position, which will determine your Archetype Program. Some positions have multiple different Starting Archetypes, allowing you to further tailor your playstyle. As you progress through your Archetype Program by completing tasks in Road to the Show, however, you'll gradually unlock more advanced versions of those Archetypes, which will give you a greater statistical boost. You'll then be able to personalise this further by equipping Perks and Equipment.

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You should focus, first and foremost, on creating the Ballplayer that you personally want to play as. We're currently rocking a Two-Way Player capable of painting on the mound and slugging with speed when up to bat, but the flexibility is what's key here. It's important to remember that, unlike MLB The Show 21, you can have multiple Ballplayers in MLB The Show 22, so if you're not enjoying your playstyle then you have the freedom to change it up. If you just want to finesse your Ballplayer Loadout a little bit, then swap out some Perks and Equipment for a different feel.


MLB The Show 22: Best Ballplayer Loadouts and Perks Guide 3

Once you've settled on the position you'd like to play and selected your preferred Archetype, you can further tailor your playstyle by using Perks. There are two approaches you can take here: you can strengthen the focus of your chosen Archetype by doubling down on Perks that give further statistical boosts to your Archetype's strengths, or you can try to round out your player by using Perks to strengthen weaknesses. For example, if you select the Slugger centric Archetype, you could use Contact Perks to help ensure you're able to get your bat on the ball better.

The full list of Perks are:

  • Break
  • Contact
  • Control
  • Fielding
  • Power
  • Speed
  • Velocity

These Perks are divided into numbered variations. Each Perk type has a pro and a con. For example, a Power Perk may boost your overall Power but decrease your Fielding. Think about your position, what your player is required to do, and how different Perks complement your overall Archetype. There's unlimited flexibility here, so it'll all come down to personal preference.

It's worth adding that Perks are divided into multiple different proficiency categories: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Diamond. Diamond Perks give the biggest statistical bonuses, but cost the most and are the hardest to unlock. You'll be awarded new Perks as you progress through Archetype Programs, but you can also purchase them using Stubs from the Community Market.

What do you think are the best Ballplayer loadouts and Perks in MLB The Show 22? Check out our MLB The Show 22 guide, and let us know in the comments section below.