Wake Up is the 23rd Mission in the Main Story of Marvel's Spider-Man 2, and sees Peter return home to check in on MJ. This Mission is exclusive to Peter. As part of our Marvel's Spider-Man 2 guide, we're going to reveal everything you need to know about Wake Up.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2: Wake Up

Marvel's Spider-Man 2: Wake Up Guide 1
Mission Type Description Rewards
Main Story My bed's looking awfully nice right now. 2,250 XP


Following the brutal boss encounters with Lizard and the revelation he's wearing an alien, Peter decides to return to his home in Astoria. Swing over there and Peter will enter via the bedroom window to catch some sleep. It's shortlived, though, as Hunters seem to have tracked him to the house and they're about to come inside. The perspective switches to MJ, who needs to get out of the house.

Begin by performing a Takedown on the Hunter upstairs, then make your way down to the ground floor. There'll be another enemy to Takedown standing by the dining table, then another that enters via the kitchen. You must take out the second enemy quickly so they don't alert any other Hunters should they spot the body. Return to the hallway and enter the door under the stairs to reach the basement.

Once you're in the basement, approach Peter's workbench. MJ will customise her stun gun so it can shoot Web-Shooters, allowing you to trap enemies from a distance — as the tutorial demonstrates. Now leave the house via the open vent in the basement. In the next cutscene, Peter shows up and MJ decides to follow him. Cross the street and eliminate the two Hunters by shooting Web-Shooters at them while they're standing next to the foliage. This will stick them to it and they won't be able to alert anyone else.

Go behind the house they were stood next to and you'll find two more Hunters. Throw a rock over the fence to create a distraction, so one walks away from the other in the direction they're facing. This allows for two easy Takedowns, then you can slip into the garage.

Peter will turn up again in the cutscene that follows, saving MJ from the Hunter. He runs off again, though, so follow the objective marker to his new position. Along the way, use your Web-Shooters to trap any Hunters to objects and the environment. When you regain control of MJ, taking an immediate right through the gardens and then crossing the street at the end makes for an easier route through the area.

Having passed through the garage, you'll be in a housing construction site. From your immediate position, climb up to the left and push the scaffolding over to eliminate two enemies. Continue along this path until you reach the house with the objective marker inside. Throw a rock out in the open so the enemies have their backs turned, then head inside. You'll find a Hunter inside, but they should be easy to deal with using your Web-Shooters. At the top, climb through the window to trigger a cutscene in which Miles shows up.

The perspective will then switch to him, and you're told to go after Peter in Downtown Queens. You'll find him fighting a load of Hunters, and you join the encounter. MJ will turn up in a cutscene once they've all been defeated to try and knock some sense into Peter, and you'll take control of her again. The route through the tunnel is very linear so simply run through to catch up with Peter in a cutscene.

You'll then take control of Miles back outside the tunnel, who has more Hunters to beat up. Eventually, a civilian will call out to Miles as they're trapped on top of the crane as it's about to topple over. Miles saves them, but it turns out they're actually a Hunter and inject him with something. Kraven then shows up and the perspective switches back to MJ, who manages to wake Peter up, until the symbiote takes over him again. As MJ, run out of the tunnel and watch out for the quick-time events. The Mission then ends in a cutscene.

Objective Log

  • Return home
  • Escape the house
  • Search the basement
  • Escape the house
  • Catch up to Peter
  • Go after Peter
  • Defeat the Hunters
  • Find Peter
  • Defeat the Hunters
  • Escape the tunnel

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