Surface Tension is the first Mission in the Main Story of Marvel's Spider-Man 2, and is automatically issued to you after the introductory cutscene. As part of our Marvel's Spider-Man 2 guide, we are going to reveal everything you must know about Surface Tension.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2: Surface Tension

Marvel's Spider-Man 2: Surface Tension Guide 1
Mission Type Description Rewards
Main Story My first day as teacher at Brooklyn Visions and I gotta bail so I can help stop Sandman from rampaging through the city. 1,900 XP


Surface Tension is the first Mission of the game, and begins immediately following the two introductory cutscenes. The former takes place two years prior to the present day while the latter is in the present as Peter becomes Miles' teacher... for about two minutes. Miles spots Sandman out in the city, so you're given control of Peter once he strips to his suit. If you haven't played Marvel's Spider-Man before or the follow-up Miles Morales, this opening sequence will give you the chance to get used to web swinging.

The objective marker is guiding you to the Financial District via the bridge from Downtown Brooklyn to Chinatown. You should follow the on-screen prompts to learn of the tricks Peter and Miles have up their sleeves.

Eventually, you shall catch up with Sandman and be thrown into a boss fight with him. Make sure to dodge the debris he throws at you and look out for the objects you can throw back at him using L1 and R1. Continually damage Sandman until you can perform a Web Strike, which is prompted with the Triangle button on his face.

When successful, a cutscene will play out and Sandman will throw Peter into an office building, which you'll need to run through and rescue a civilian. Having done so, you'll be treated to your first taste of combat up against a series of Sand Minions. Again, the on-screen tutorials should guide you through this section, including an introduction to the Spider Barrage.

Following this sequence, you'll switch control to Miles. Perform another Web Strike on Sandman, and then continue to pursue him to deal more damage with the help of Peter. Once Miles launches himself back into the encounter after the cutscene, use your Web-Shooters to charge up more Web Strikes. Eventually, Peter will come in with a water tower which ends this particular section of the encounter.

When you regain control, avoid Sandman's attacks as you sprint up the side of the building. Once inside, it's the turn of Miles to get his fists a bit dirty. Begin with the Venom Punch and then take out all the Sand Minions in the vicinity. The encounters that follow will introduce ranged enemies alongside grunts that get up close and personal, so learn when to dodge their shots.

After the fight, Zip to Point and crawl through the rubble. Ahead of you will be a series of encounters against more Sand Minions, so work your way through the building and deal with them all. Eventually, Sandman will rip the roof off and you can Zip to the water tank he's carrying. Control will be passed over to Peter after the next cutscene, at which point you'll get to try out the Web Wings. Fly through and around the debris to make it back to Sandman. Once there, perform a Web Strike.

Work through the next lot of Sand Minions as Peter, gradually making your way back to Sandman. Perform a Web Strike at the end to finish the fight off completely, thus ending the Mission. In the cutscene that follows, Kraven is introduced.

Objective Log

  • Cross the river
  • Find Sandman
  • Web Strike Sandman
  • Run for your life
  • Defeat the Sand Minions
  • Damage Sandman
  • Web Strike Sandman
  • Damage Sandman
  • Defeat Sandman
  • Run to the roof
  • Defeat the Sand Minions
  • Ascend to the roof
  • Defeat the Sand Minions
  • Zip to the water tank
  • Chase Marko
  • Defeat Sandman
  • Fight through the Sand Minions
  • Defeat Sandman

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