Not On My Watch is the sixth Mission in the Main Story of Marvel's Spider-Man 2, and focuses on Miles after Peter and Harry's backstory was explored in Roll Like We Used To. As part of our Marvel's Spider-Man 2 guide, we're going to reveal everything you need to know about Not On My Watch.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2: Not On My Watch

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Mission Type Description Rewards
Main Story Gotta meet up with Pete at the Raft; sounds like a big prisoner transfer's going down. 2,000 XP


After Roll Like We Used To flipped flopped between the past and the present at Midtown High School, this Mission is from the perspective of Miles. A phone call from Peter sets his course for the Raft in Astoria, with the journey there treated as a chance to test out your Web Wings some more as you take advantage of updrafts. Once there, it's revealed Scorpion and Martin Li are being transported. Kraven and his goons attack the boat, though, with the action picking up from the perspective of Peter.

When aboard the Raft boat, deal with all the enemies until a cutscene switches your perspective to Miles inside the Raft boat. You'll need to rescue anyone who's still alive inside the ship, and the objective marker should do a good job of guiding you through until you hear someone calling out for help. Begin by interacting with the cell door, then double back to open the electric access hatch. If you Scan Environment using the R3 button, a fuse box should be highlighted, which is what you'll want to reach through the maintenance tunnels. Deliver a Venom Punch, then swim to safety.

Return to the locked cell door by using Zip to Point on the objects poking out of the electrified water, and you'll rescue none other than Scorpion. His tail catches Miles, which causes him to hallucinate. Use the Zip to Perch move through the water and hallucinations until Martin Li is taken away in a cutscene and some enemies stop you from following. Use the new Chain Lightning ability to deal with them.

When you return to the surface aboard the sinking Raft boat, defeat all the enemies standing in your way as Miles. Bad guy Kraven will then show up an make things even worse and you'll need to rescue a group of civilians aboard a smaller ship; simply follow the quick-time events to be successful. You'll then need to cover a propellor in Web and take on another group of goons.

Martin Li will then escape from his cage, only for Kraven to take him away following a struggle with Miles. Use Chain Lightning on the propellor when prompted to complete the Mission. In the aftermath, you'll learn about switching abilities in and out in the Skills menu.

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Objective Log

  • Head to the Raft
  • Protect the Raft boat
  • Rescue survivors
  • Open the locked cell door
  • Defeat the enemies
  • Web the propellor

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