Make Your Own Choices is the 10th Mission in the Main Story of Marvel's Spider-Man 2, and stars Miles as he warns Black Cat of the threat Kraven poses. This Mission is exclusive to Miles. As part of our Marvel's Spider-Man 2 guide, we're going to reveal everything you need to know about Make Your Own Choices.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2: Make Your Own Choices

Marvel's Spider-Man 2: Make Your Own Choices Guide 1
Mission Type Description Rewards
Main Story I need to find Felicia and warn her about Kraven. 2,000 XP


Make Your Own Choices begins a few minutes after Bad Guys On the Block concludes, again as if the game is hinting at you to engage with its side stories like The Flame or Brooklyn Visions. If you simply swing around for a little while, though, MJ will give Miles a call and direct him to a waypoint in Midtown. Head over there and scale a particular building to begin an investigation on its rooftop. Scan the Environment using L2, and hover over the scratch marks on the sunbed in front of you, then analyse them.

Next, you'll engage in a new minigame of destroying corrupted atoms. Your aim is to get rid of all the purple atoms while keeping as many of the green ones intact as possible. To do that in this particular puzzle, destroy the central purple atom on the left, and then the bottom-middle one on the right. For the next puzzle, neutral atoms will be introduced. This time you should destroy any of the neutral atoms attached to the red ones to get rid of them. For the final one, you can just destroy the red atoms to complete the puzzle.

When you zoom back out to control Miles again, Scan the blue blips on the floor to find a stash box built into the wall. Then scan the arrows on the left and Miles will be able to recreate the scene digitally. An explosion will then occur in the background, which immediately presents your next objective. Swing over there and Scan the area once again. You can Scan 4 electrical volts on the rooftop and a power cable on the roof. You can then charge the stashbox here by connecting the generator on the roof to it, using your Web. Begin a Web Line from the generator to the stash box by placing Web attached to each electrical volt to create a path for the current that will open it. If you're having any trouble, please use the images below for reference.

Open the stash box to find a French postcard and a book, which MJ researches in the background as you go after a Hunter gunship. You'll follow it to the believed location of Felicia, and you'll need to quietly take out all the enemies surrounding it — either stealthily or with some loud fists. Remember to use your Camouflage ability and create distractions to get guards on their own.

The next cutscene will introduce a chase sequence with Black Cat as she jumps from portal to portal, with you on her tail. At certain moments, you'll need to use the quick-time button prompt to jump through the portals yourself.

Once Miles catches up to Black Cat, the two must team up in an enemy encounter. When the armoured truck appears, Web up the turret and then use L1 + R1 to permanently destroy it. This encounter will gradually get tougher and tougher, with ability-stopping robotic dogs and more trucks with turrets attached turning up before long. This will probably be the hardest combat encounter for you so far, so take your time and always make sure to have a Heal banked for when your health is low. After all that, the Mission ends in a cutscene.

Objective Log

  • Head to the marked location
  • Check out the safehouse rooftop
  • Investigate the area
  • Head to the safehouse
  • Investigate the area
  • Open the stash box
  • Follow the Hunter gunship
  • Clear the Hunters
  • Chase Black Cat
  • Catch Black Cat
  • Fend off the Hunters

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