Funky is the 16th Mission in the Main Story of Marvel's Spider-Man 2, and sees Miles visit his mother following the events of Hunt to Live, Live to Hunt. This Mission is exclusive to Miles. As part of our Marvel's Spider-Man 2 guide, we're going to reveal everything you need to know about Funky.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2: Funky

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Mission Type Description Rewards
Main Story Mom called and wants to talk. Sigh. Mom's gonna mom I guess. 2,000 XP


As soon as you've completed Hunt to Live, Live to Hunt, the game will switch perspectives to that of Miles, who's on his way to see his mum at her office. Head for the waypoint in east Harlem to see what she wants to discuss. The two share some concerns during a cutscene, but duty calls for Miles as one of Rio's friends needs help at the museum in Harlem. Swing over there and analyse the wiring on the outside of the building to find the control panel.

Follow the highlighted orange wiring and deploy a Spider-Bot so you can get inside. It turns out there are some bad guys inside preventing access, so speed through the vents and interact with the panel, fixing it with your Web. Continue on to go through an opening into the music history room. Highlight the wiring again, then use your Jump Jets to climb up to the open vent on your left. This will take you through to another room where you can fix another relay with Web.

Since you're still locked out of the building, there must be more relays to fix. You'll now need to avoid being spotted by the enemies inside, so play things carefully. If you Scan the Environment, you'll highlight objects that can be shot with your Web to create distractions. This is how you'll get past the goons. Use the drums in the first room, then flush one of the toilets in the following bathroom. You'll find the next relay behind the music hall sign in the third room.

There's one last relay to power, but the room it's in has three guards inside. You can use the guitars, two drum sets, and grand piano in the back corner to create distractions. When the way is clear, open the relay and fix the wiring with your Web. Since this is a more open room, you may need to fire off multiple distractions and revisit them if a guard turns around. Once that relay is fixed, you'll switch back to Miles and stop the gang from leaving with all their stolen goods.

Beat them all up until a truck speeds off and you learn the Mega Venom Blast move. You'll now be in pursuit of the trucks on the streets, so swing after them and pick one to chase. When you get close enough, you'll need to dodge the enemy's bullets before launching yourself inside the truck to take them out.

Miles will return a drum from the stolen truck to the museum owner in a cutscene, which completes the Mission and opens up a new type of Mission called Cultural Museum. The perspective will then switch to Peter for Good Men.

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Objective Log

  • Head to Rio's office
  • Head to the museum
  • Find a way inside
  • Troubleshoot security system
  • Fix the security relay
  • Find and fix remaining relays
  • Reset security system
  • Stop the heist
  • Stop the trucks

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