Chainscrape has a Melee Pit in Horizon Forbidden West run by Odburg. You'll likely discover it during The Embassy and it'll automatically start The Enduring. As part of our Horizon Forbidden West guide, we're going to explain everything you need to know about the Melee Pit in Chainscrape.

Melee Pit (Chainscrape): All Challenges

Horizon Forbidden West: Melee Pit (Chainscrape) Guide 1
Speak to the Pit Master Odburg in Chainscrape in order to start the Melee Pit.
Name Time Limit Challenge
Block Breaker 1:00 Defeat your opponent by overcoming their weapon guard. But be careful, as blocking opponents could counter-attack at any moment.
Resonator Blast 1:20 Defeat your opponent with a Resonator Blast. This technique utilises your melee and ranged attacks and deals a massive amount of damage at once.
Pit Master Challenge 2:00 Put your melee skills to the test to defeat Odurg, Chainscrape's Pit Master! Odurg's strong and direct Oseram fighting style is highly effective. With a focus on dodging or blocking attacks, he has beaten the best brawlers the Daunt has to offer.

Melee Pit (Chainscrape): Rewards

  • 1 Pristine Skull

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