GEMINI is a Main Quest in Horizon Forbidden West and automatically follows Faro's Tomb. As part of our Horizon Forbidden West guide, we're going to explain everything you need to know about GEMINI.

GEMINI: Overview

Horizon Forbidden West: GEMINI Guide 1
GEMINI will automatically be added to your quest log after escaping Thebes during Faro's Tomb.
Type Description Recommended Level
Main Quest With Omega Clearance secured, GAIA should be able to subdue and capture HEPHAESTUS at Cauldron GEMINI. Aloy must prepare for the mission. 30

GEMINI: Walkthrough

Travel back to The Base and speak with GAIA then Beta then GAIA again. You'll be transported to GEMINI in a cut-scene. Once inside the Cauldron, fight the Behemoth with Acid damage or alternatively remove the Ravager's weapon. When done, follow the path to HEPHAESTUS, and glide down to the platform across the chasm. You can use your Pullcaster on the piston to create a climbing path.

Once you reach a junction you'll need to enter two chambers in order to override a couple of Network Uplinks. You can choose your approach but for the purposes of this guide we went right, using the Pullcaster to reach the upper-levels and entering over the shield using the yellow cord overhead. There are some machines inside to deal with, and upon trying to override the Network Uplink you'll have to deal with a Fire Bellowback using Frost damage and a Clawstrider.

Go back to the junction and try to stay off the ground floor because HEPHAESTUS will have electrocuted it. Instead enter the chamber on the left by hitching a ride on one of the flying machines. Kill the Longlegs and Leaplashers inside then brace for an attack by a Grimhorn. Your best bet is to remove its Disc Launcher to bring it down quickly. Then override the Network Uplink.

Head back the way you came, back towards Beta and Varl, but prepare for a fight against a Slaughterspine along the way. You'll want to deal Frost damage and Purgewater damage for maximum effect. Override the final Network Uplink and return to the entrance to complete the quest.

Objective Log

  • Return to the Base
  • Talk to GAIA
  • Talk to Varl
  • Protect Beta
  • Return to Beta and Varl
  • Pursue HEPHAESTUS into the Cauldron
  • Force HEPHAESTUS Back to the Core
  • Return to the Assembly Chamber
  • Kill the Slaughterspine
  • Override the Network Uplink
  • Return to Beta and Varl

GEMINI: Side Quests and Errands

GEMINI: Rewards

  • 24,000 XP
  • 2 Skill Points

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