What's the best Salvage Yard to buy in GTA Online? Salvage Yards are part of Chop Shop update, and will become available from Foreclosures Maze Bank once you've received a call from Yusuf Amir. Once you own a Salvage Yard, you'll be able to participate in robberies. As part of our GTA Online guide, we're going to introduce the best Salvage Yard to buy and how to make money with the Chop Shop.

GTA Online: Best Salvage Yard to Buy

GTA Online: Best Salvage Yard to Buy and How to Make Money with the Chop Shop 1
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Before you can begin with the Chop Shop update, you'll need to decide upon the best Salvage Yard to buy. You can purchase Salvage Yards from Foreclosures Maze Bank, which you can access from the Internet browser on your smartphone. The website is found under the Money And Services tab or by entering the following URL into your browser: www.foreclosures.maze-bank.com. In total, there are 5 Salvage Yards available to purchase. They are:

  • La Puerta: GTA$2,690,000
  • Strawberry: GTA$2,570,000
  • Murrieta Heights: GTA$2,420,000
  • Sandy Shores: GTA$2,030,000
  • Paleto Bay: $1,620,000
GTA Online: Best Salvage Yard to Buy and How to Make Money with the Chop Shop 2
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Even though they're cheaper, we'd recommend avoiding the northern Salvage Yards, as you're going to need to keep travelling backwards and forwards to complete missions. Depending on where your other businesses are located, Strawberry is probably the best spot for your Salvage Yard, but you can't really go wrong with any of the central locations. Think about where your Arcade, Nightclub, Auto Shop, and MC Clubs are situated, and then install your Salvage Yard in that general area.

Salvage Yard: Best Customisations

GTA Online: Best Salvage Yard to Buy and How to Make Money with the Chop Shop 3
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As is usually the case for businesses and properties in GTA Online, there are a number of customisations and modifications you can purchase for your Salvage Yard. These add to the overall cost of the business, but they do add gameplay elements to the update. It's worth noting that you can purchase customisations later, you just need to select your Salvage Yard from the Foreclosures Maze Bank website when you're ready.

Tint is completely cosmetic and purely changes the look of your Salvage Yard, so we're going to ignore that. Pick a different colour if you want to, but it's not required.

Trade Rates: Is It Worth It?

Trade Rates refers to the connection between local businesses. In essence, if you stump up the GTA$450,000 to purchase this Salvage Yard customisation, you'll save money on Mors Mutual claims LS Customs repairs. You'd have to do a lot of repairs and vehicle recoveries to make this worth the investment, so we'd recommend skipping this one.

Tow Truck: Is It Worth It?

The Tow Truck is a crucial part of the Salvage Yard gameplay. While it's quite expensive at GTA$1,100,000, you can save some money for opting for the Tow Truck Beater, which costs $650,000. The difference is purely cosmetic, and we actually prefer the look of the beaten up vehicle. Once you own the Tow Truck, you'll be able to launch Tow Truck missions from the Salvage Yard, which add to the passive income your Salvage Yard generates. Not only are the missions entertaining, but you'll definitely make back your money over time.

Wall Safe: Is It Worth It?

The Wall Safe costs GTA$750,000 and increases the maximum capacity of the Salvage Yard's passive income to GTA$250,000. Unless you don't intend to return to your Salvage Yard very often, we'd recommend skipping this as it's really not worth the expense if you're regularly collecting your income.

Staff: Is It Worth it?

Hiring Staff for your Salvage Yard costs GTA$625,000, but significantly speeds up the rate at which you'll earn income from salvaged parts. While it's an expensive initial outlay, time is money, so it's probably worth splashing out on this if you're eager to profit from your hard work faster.

GTA Online: How to Make Money with the Chop Shop

GTA Online: Best Salvage Yard to Buy and How to Make Money with the Chop Shop 4
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There are two primary components to the Chop Shop business, both initiated from your Salvage Yard. The main way to make money is with robberies, with three available each week. These are multi-faceted missions, which see you stealing a target car and choosing to either sell it to Yusuf or salvaging the parts. We'd recommend taking the higher profits and selling the vehicle in almost all cases.

Salvage Yard Robberies

GTA Online: Best Salvage Yard to Buy and How to Make Money with the Chop Shop 5
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You can conduct up to three robberies per real-life week in the Salvage Yard, and each consists of multiple objectives that need to be fulfilled in order to earn the spoils. To get started, you'll first need to know How to Become a CEO, before interacting with the Planning Wall at the far corner of your Salvage Yard. Selecting a target will start the robbery, which involves multiple stages. They are:

  • Scope Out: You'll need to do some reconnaissance on the vehicle you're trying to steal before formulating a plan.
  • Planning Work: These will involve stealing disguises, equipment, or vehicles which you'll need to fulfil the conditions of the robbery.
  • Tasks: These are found around Los Santos and marked on the map. They generally involve stealing a specific item or gathering a piece of intel.
  • Robbery: Once all of the conditions have been completed, you'll need to actually steal your target vehicle.

Once you've completed all of the missions, you can choose to salvage the parts of the vehicle you've stolen, or sell it to Yusuf for more money. We'd recommend always selling, because while salvaging parts does help lift the passive income of your Salvage Yard business, if you own the tow truck you can do this separately.

Tow Truck Service

If you bought the Tow Truck for your Salvage Yard, then getting inside it will allow you to launch Tow Truck Service missions. These see you towing away a target vehicle and bringing it back to your Salvage Yard where it'll be scrapped. The process will be quicker if you hired Staff for your Salvage Yard.

Generally you'll earn about GTA$30,000 to GTA$50,000 for each car you tow back to your Salvage Yard, and it'll take around an hour or so for your money to be delivered if you have Staff. Obviously, you'll need to wait a little longer if you didn't hire any Staff. Completing Tow Truck Service missions will also raise the passive income of your Salvage Yard, up to a total of GTA$24,000. Remember, you'll be able to store more money at your business if you bought the Wall Safe, otherwise you'll need to remember to manually collect it regularly.

What do you think is the best Salvage Yard to buy and do you have any additional tips for how to make money with the Chop Shop in GTA Online? Take a look at our GTA Online guide, and let us know in the comments section below.