Looking for a Into the Fire walkthrough for God of War Ragnarok? Into the Fire is the eighth quest in The Path, which represents Ragnarok's main storyline. As part of our God of War Ragnarok guide, we're going to share our full Into the Fire walkthrough, which includes puzzle solutions, combat strategies, and any other key areas of interest.

God of War Ragnarok: Into the Fire Walkthrough

With The Runaway concluded you're now heading Into the Fire. And, oh yeah, you've got Thor as your accomplice this time. Remember the Mask Fragment that Odin gave you earlier? You can equip that using left on the d-pad, so hold it and look around you. When it starts to glow, it'll point you in the right direction. Look to the left of the starting area, where there's a big pile of rocks and debris. The mask will glow and Thor will clear the way for you. This is the Burning Cliffs. Inevitably there are Draugrs ahead, so dispose of them swiftly and pull out the Mask Fragment once more to pinpoint your next direction. Thor will launch you up to a higher ledge with more Draugrs lingering around, so deal with them. Remember, you can use Ingrid now to accompany your attacks, so direct her using the square button. Once you're done, there's a red chest ahead with Ydalir Timber, Stonewood, and Hacksilver inside.

Grab the Mask Fragment once more and head towards the debris on the left of the arena. Thor will once again clear the path. Follow the path up, and shimmy across the wall behind the lava-based waterfall. There's a short cutscene here, but once the action restarts, it's time to fight some more Draugrs.

Equip the mask once more, and follow it towards the ledge, overlooking the vistas of Muspelheim. You need to find a way down the cliff face, so head back over to Thor who's spotted something. You'll end up at the Molten Lowlands. Pick up the Hacksilver immediately to your left. Catch up with Thor and he'll drop you into an arena with Draugrs and later even larger enemies. Some of these foes drop Ydalir Timber, so be sure to pick that up. You'll also get a new Runic Summon named Falcons' Dive. Once the battle's over, Thor will head off on his own. Slip through the gap in the debris and head in the direction of Surtr's Shrine, which Atreus pointed out earlier. Climb the wall to traverse across all the lava, and drop down into another arena with Wisps protecting it. You'll notice, off to the left, is a large stone monolith which is causing them to respawn. Destroy it to stop the ambush, then open the yellow chest opposite. Interact with the shrine, and watch the cutscene. Head back out of the shrine when the cutscene concludes.

Climb back up the wall and return to Thor. There'll be more foes waiting for you when you squeeze through the gap in the debris, so take care of them all. Then use the Mask Fragment to investigate the pile of debris blocking the gate, opposite where you entered the arena. Thor will clear the way. Go up the hill and the Fractured Mask will begin pulsating, so pull it out and walk towards its glow until the cutscene begins. Tap circle to reconnect parts of the the Fractured Mask, and then return to Odin.

Now you're back in Asgard, head back to Atreus' quarters. There's a yellow chest to the left and Hacksilver on the right, so be sure to collect that — every little helps, eh? There's even more Hacksilver in Odin's study, including in a discreet, unmarked chest to the left of the room. Thrud will call to you as you pass her bedroom, so head inside to update her on what you've been up to. You can also eavesdrop on Thor and Sif at the end of the corridor if you want to. When you're done head back to your bedroom and into bed. Watch the cutscene play out. This will conclude Into the Fire and begin The Word of Fate.

God of War Ragnarok: Into the Fire Objectives

  • Search for the Mask Fragment with Thor
  • Investigate Surtr's Shrine
  • Resume the search for the Mask Fragment
  • Go back to Atreus' quarters
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God of War Ragnarok: Into the Fire Rewards

  • None

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