Spiritcaller Cave is a location in the Mountaintops of the Giants in Elden Ring and the home of a Godskin Duo. This cave also contains crafting items and a unique armour set. As part of our Elden Ring guide, we're going to explain how to complete Spiritcaller Cave.

How Do You Complete Spiritcaller Cave in Elden Ring?

On this page, we're going to reveal how to complete Spiritcaller Cave. We'll include the location, a walkthrough, and any additional information, like item drops.

Spiritcaller Cave Location: How to Find It

The entrance to Spiritcaller Cave can be found along the western edge of the frozen lake southeast of the Freezing Lake Site of Grace. It’s not too hard to spot courtesy of a couple of jellyfish that float about near the entrance and the Stonesword Key gate preventing entry until you offer up two keys at the imp statue.

Spiritcaller Cave: Walkthrough

Spiritcaller Cave is a dark one, so before delving into its depths, make sure you’ve got a Torch or Lantern on hand. Once you do, start out by descending the only path forward past the Summoning Pool and into an open chamber. Grab the Cave Moss on the right-hand side, but be careful of the ground you’re stepping on – there’s a spot on the floor that’ll crumble if you walk across it. Navigate around the fragile floor to the other end of the chamber to grab some Budding Cave Moss, then exit through the opening to the south.

You’ll now find yourself overlooking an illuminated area that contains a spirit snail and a couple spirit wolves. You’ll encounter many such spectral snails and other enemies throughout this cave, and the trick is to take the snail out first. Once you’ve done so, the other enemies the snail summoned will dissolve alongside it. After slaying this first snail, grab the Arteria Leaf from the corpse behind the small tree, and continue onward to the southwest.

Follow the passage here along, grab some more Cave Moss as you go, and take the left path at the fork you come to. Doing so brings you to a small chamber with some goodies – a few patches of Crystal Cave Moss, a Golden Rune [10], a Hero’s Rune [1], and an always-appreciated Rune Arc. You’re now free to head back and take the other path at the fork which descends downward and leads to another illuminated room.

This next chamber requires you to be quick on your feet. There’s an enemy NPC in here by the name of Inaba, Disciple of Okina who wields some dangerous katanas. Wait for it to jump up to your level before dropping down off the ledge, turning around, and finding the spirit snail hiding in some bushes that you can defeat to cause Inaba to disappear. This chamber contains some more Crystal Cave Moss along the walls, and a couple of corpses holding a Golden Rune [12] and some Freezing Greases.

The next chamber to the south will require similar haste to avoid having to deal with some spirit wolves and two more Inaba spirits. Keep a keen eye out for the two spirit snails which should be glowing and shaking their heads which makes them slightly easier to spot amid the shrubs they like hiding in. One snail will be at the back left, and the other is on the back right. Take them both out as quickly as possible to make this lit chamber safe for looting.

Before heading onward through the opening to the south, make sure you’ve grabbed the Silver Fireflies, Invigorating White Cured Meat, a Golden Rune [6], and the White Reed Set. With everything nabbed and added to your inventory, all that’s left is to head through the passageway forward where you’ll soon reach a mist gate, beyond which a spectral Godskin Duo await.

Spiritcaller Cave: Boss Fight Strategy

Spiritcaller Cave: Item Drops and Loot

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