Auriza Hero's Grave is a location in Leyndell, Royal Capital in Elden Ring and the home of dual Crucible Knights. This grave is a smorgasbord that contains a unique armour set, a new weapon, a Stonesword Key, a Talisman, some Spirit Ashes, and weapon upgrade materials. As part of our Elden Ring guide, we're going to explain how to complete Auriza Hero's Grave.

How Do You Complete Auriza Hero's Grave in Elden Ring?

On this page, we're going to reveal how to complete Auriza Hero's Grave. We'll include the location, a walkthrough, and any additional information, like item drops.

Auriza Hero's Grave Location: How to Find It

Auriza Hero's Grave's entrance is just southeast of Capital Rampart, but it’s at the bottom of a cliff. To get down there, your best bet is to approach from the northwest – the Hermit Merchant’s Shack is a good starting point – and take the southeast path beneath the capital bridge.

Auriza Hero's Grave: Walkthrough

Auriza Hero's Grave begins with an elevator that takes you down a sizable distance before kicking you out to the opening area where you’ll find the Site of Grace and a Stonesword Key gate straight ahead. Only one key is required to open it, and the prize for doing so is the Golden Epitaph, but look out for the two Basilisks waiting to pounce in that same room. With the weapon in your possession, head back out to the opening area and down the stairs to the west.

The set of steps leads to an enemy chariot roadway – how lovely. The chariot won’t be present right away though, you’ll have to advance up toward the downward slope where it’ll spawn beneath the glowing light below. Once it appears, sprint back up the slope and toward this chamber’s entrance to stay out of harm’s way. There are a couple of safe spots on both sides of the chariot’s runway further ahead, but to make it safely you’ll have to time your descent right as the chariot begins heading downward. If your timing is off, just run back up and wait for its next pass. Get to one of those alcoves, but beware a couple of skeletons that inhabit the alcove on the right.

The next order of business is to make it the rest of the way down on the chariot’s sloped road. Wait for it to pass you heading upwards, immediately run downwards, and stop once you reach the archway. Another chariot will appear here on the other side, but the area right beneath the archway is safe from both chariots. Wait until this new chariot ascends to grab some Fan Daggers from the corpse leaning over the ledge before returning to the safe spot beneath the archway. Drop off to either side of the narrow archway path to continue.

After dropping down, you’ll find yourself in a room with pillars and four total Basilisk enemies burrowed underground throughout that pose a massive threat. Take them all out before doing anything else as their nasty spray can kill you quickly. Once they’ve all been dealt with, pick the Grave Glovewort [6] that’s sitting in the center of the eastern wall, and continue onward toward the west and up the set of stairs.

There are two more Basilisks in this room, one of which is hiding around the left corner. Take them both out, grab the bunch of Ghost Glovewort [5], and enter the next passageway. You’ll encounter yet another Basilisk in the opening on the right that’s best dealt with immediately before getting the Grave Glovewort [5] and approaching the next opening. Stop at the archway to start because the next room is a runway for two more enemy chariots.

Be careful of your positioning here, if you stand too far out the chariot can graze your head and likely deal fatal damage. Wait until it passes you in either direction before poking your head out and getting a view of this place. Firstly, we want to go directly across to the west where there’s another alcove with a couple items, but it’s imperative that you time it carefully given that it’s along the closest chariot’s path. Grab the Grave Violet at the end of the passage here if you so desire, and wait for the chariot closest to you to head downward. Once it clears your head, sprint for the next alcove where you’ll find a Stonesword Key on a corpse and a Ghost Glovewort [6] guarded by a skeleton.

To continue onward, we’ll have to descend the slope and reach the bottom of this rampway. To do so, you’ll have to take advantage of the fact that the two chariots are offset from each other – they aren’t synchronized. This means that you can walk along one side of the chamber to avoid the pathway of an approaching chariot and switch to the other side once it passes to avoid the next chariot. Make use of this method to reach the short flat landing with a Grave Glovewort [6] in the middle and a safe spot off to the left. Wait here while the chariots pass.

Both chariots will now alter their patrol paths and ride along the area below the landing. The next safe spot is very difficult to reach from here – it’s on the other side of the chariot roadway, not far from where the chariots turn around. Begin running down immediately as the closest chariot passes you and make a beeline for that alcove where a skeleton awaits. Take it out, but be careful not to expose yourself as this alcove is shallower than the rest. Wait for the closest chariot to pass you heading upwards to finally have an opening to run down the rest of the way.

Stay quick on your feet once you're down here though, as another chariot will pop up along the short ramp that leads up to the boss door and there isn’t any safe space for you to catch your breath given how close all three chariots get to the archway. Keep dodging around the chariots and grab the Golden Rune [7] from the corpse reaching across the ledge before carefully dropping into the chasm directly where the corpse was reaching. If your alignment is right, you should land on a wooden beam below.

You'll now be able to walk straight ahead and drop down onto another beam where you’ll find some Holy Grease. Next, carefully drop down to the next beam below, follow it to the north, and drop down onto another beam that leads to a statue being overlooked by a Basilisk. Look out as soon as you step forward as two more Basilisks will emerge to accompany the one out in the open. Deal with the deadly trio and head into the chamber they emerged from where you’ll find yet another Basilisk along the wall to the left.

Once the coast is clear, continue south to a chamber that contains the Vulgar Militia Ashes on the corpse, a Grave Glovewort [5], and a Basilisk beneath the ground right in front of the Glovewort. There’s also a ladder along the western wall that leads back up and out to the three chariot enemies we avoided earlier, but there’s still a path we haven’t pursued down here that’ll allow us to destroy those pesky chariots. To get there, start by backtracking back out to the chasm with the wooden beams.

Once you’re back out here, balance across the beam here and carefully drop down onto the furthest sliver of stone that’s down here. Follow it along to reach solid ground again with a skeleton enemy waiting to be defeated. After it’s been dealt with, continue forward, climb the ladder, and find yourself in another chamber with yet another chariot enemy. Once the chariot passes by, sprint straight across to find another alcove with a skeleton enemy. This alcove will give us a better shot at where we’re headed next.

Instead of heading down the slope, we actually want to head up and into a room that’s along the eastern wall. With that in mind, wait until the chariot passes you while headed downward, and sprint up and into the well hidden room where you’ll find a flame pillar and a Grave Glovewort [6]. This pillar is the key to destroying the chariot enemies as the pillar is holding a glowing glyph statue that spawns the chariots in. Give the pillar a smack to raise it upwards, but beware that the pillar will now be breathing fire down the exit path.

The fire makes things much more difficult to time right. To be as safe as possible, make the pillar go back down, wait for the chariot to reach the wall nearest to you, then smack the pillar to make it go back up before immediately running out onto the chariot’s path and into the nearest alcove. The pillar won’t be breathing fire while it’s moving, meaning you’ll be free to head down the hallway without worrying about getting burned.

After reaching an alcove, wait for the chariot to pass you heading upwards before sprinting further down the slope and into another alcove on the left. When the chariot passes you again while ascending the ramp, run down the rest of the way and into a passageway on the left with two skeletons. The timing here is tight, but don’t fret if you die here. Having hit the pillar, another chariot will spawn in on your next trip through this Hero’s Grave, causing all the chariots to crash and no longer bother you, making it easy to backtrack and recover your runes. Once all the chariots are destroyed, you’ll be rewarded with an Ash of War: Holy Ground and the Tree Sentinel Set.

If you were fortunate enough to make it past the chariot and into the next passage, follow it straight along and down some stairs where you’ll encounter an ogre that’s defending the Crucible Feather Talisman. With that talisman added to your collection, head back out into the passageway and take a right, go up some stairs, and take the lift that will lead you into a room with another flamethrower pillar. Only hit this pillar if the chariots have already been destroyed. If you hit it before the chariots have run into each other, it’ll move one of the spawn locations and prevent them from crashing into each other. In between flame salvos, run through the hallway and turn left to find a few Great Dragonfly Heads and a Grave Glovewort [6].

Now all that’s left is to finally head through the boss doors and finish off this grave. Drop down off the ledge here to find yourself in an alcove along the path of the two side-by-side chariot enemies. From here, another chariot should spawn in and crash, causing all the chariots here to get destroyed, leaving their ashes and armour set free for the taking. With the chariots out of the equation, head northward, up the slope, open the double doors, and head into the next room. Descend the stairs here while looking out for the three skeleton enemies that inhabit this area before coming to the mist gate that withholds entry into the boss arena of two Crucible Knights.

Auriza Hero's Grave: Item Drops and Loot

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