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Where is Yuria the Witch and how do you rescue her? Yuria is, ironically enough, one of the kindest characters you'll come across Demon's Souls. Getting the Witch in the Tower Trophy for freeing her only further sweetens the deal. She'll also be able to teach you some spells of the shadier variety back in The Nexus once she's freed. As part of our Demon's Souls guide, we'll tell you where she is and how to set her free.

Finding and Yuria the Witch

Unlike the other NPC vendors that require rescue, a key isn't the only thing keeping you from freeing Yuria, you'll need a special set of equipment too. You'll find exactly how to do so below.

Where to get Bloody Iron Key

Before you can get up to the tower that Yuria is locked up in, you'll need to get the Bloody Iron Key. However, getting the Bloody Iron Key actually requires another key – the Iron Key Ring. This Iron Key Ring is on one of the creepy-looking and fireball-flinging Officials that you'll find roughly halfway through the area after the Inner Ward Archstone.

For a more precise explanation, hop over to our Demon's Souls: Where to find Biorr guide, as rescuing him also requires the Iron Key Ring, and you might as well rescue Biorr while you're at it if you haven't yet. The Bloody Iron Key can be looted off of the Official guarding the cells right by Biorr.

Where to Get the Official's Garb

You'll also need four pieces of special Official's equipment as a disguise before you can free Yuria: the Official's Cap, Official's Clothes, Official's Leggings, and Official's Gloves. Here's where to find each one:

  • The Official's Gloves are found on one of the few Officials in Stonefang Tunnel.
  • The Official's Leggings are also found on one of the Officials in Stonefang Tunnel.
  • The Official's Clothes are found after The Tunnel City Archstone. Follow the path past the minecarts and you should come to an Official guarding a lift. End his misery to get his fancy clothes.
  • The Official's Cap is found after the Inner Ward Archstone. After reaching the top of the steps, the Official with the cap is on the other side of the closed gate. Take the detour around, take him out, and get the cap.

After nabbing all four pieces of the Official's gear, put them all on and return to the Inner Ward Archstone.

Where to Find Yuria the Witch

With the Official's garb equipped, get to the courtyard where you fought the rabid dogs after the Inner Ward Archstone, and use the Bloody Iron Key on a metal door off in the corner of that courtyard. Take the first left where the road forks, and follow that path down, around, and finally up the tower. Yuria is waiting for you at the tippy top.

How to Rescue Yuria

Once you reach the top, a staircase should lower for you since you're disguised as an Official. Head up the stairs and defeat the Official here (preferably with a backstab because he'll be defenseless against it). After dealing the final blow to the official, remove the disguise, and talk to Yuria to let her know that she's finally free. You're now able to warp back to The Nexus where you'll find her selling some wares.

How close did you get to finding Yuria the Witch without a guide? Let us know how clever you are in the comments section below. If you're like us and could use some help from time to time, have a look at the rest of our Demon's Souls guide.