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Where is Sage Freke and how do you rescue him? Not only is he necessary to learning some of the most useful spells in Demon's Souls, but freeing him will also get you the A Dash of Sage Trophy on top of it. As part of our Demon's Souls guide, we'll tell you where to find him and how to rescue him.

Finding and Rescuing Sage Freke

Odds are you likely walked past or caught a glimpse of Sage Freke in one of the Tower of Latria prison cells. If you never happened upon him or have since forgotten where he's hanging, we'll tell you both how to find him and how to rescue him below.

Where to Find Sage Freke

Sage Freke is sitting cross-legged in one of the cells on the third floor of the Tower of Latria's Prison of Hope. You'll have to go down a couple of staircases to get to him, but he should be pretty easy to spot with the large glowing light that's in the cell with him. Unfortunately the 3F prison key won't open his cell – you'll need a Special Key to free him.

How to Rescue Sage Freke

To unlock Sage Freke's cell, you'll need a Special Key that's found near the False Idol boss room. It's actually right next to an old man that's relevant to the Fool's Idol fight, check out our Demon's Souls: Fool's Idol Boss Walkthrough to find out more. The key is right past the old man on the wall.

In order to get to this old man, you'll have to go up the spiral staircase on the right-hand side of the big arrow-firing contraption and follow the path to the end. Get the key, backtrack to Sage Freke's cell, open it up, talk to him a couple times, and he'll show up on your next return trip to The Nexus.

Did you successfully rescue Sage Freke without losing your mind trying to navigate the Tower of Latria? Make your Tower of Latria complaints heard in the comments below. Don't forget that our Demon's Souls guide is there for plenty more Demon's Souls help and hints.