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The Demon bosses in Demon's Souls are the hardest and most stressful part of the whole affair. Filling up on souls in the stage prior only to have to prove yourself against a giant enemy with a massive health bar to match is almost always a daunting task.

But don't worry, in this Demon's Souls guide we'll have you covered by breaking down each of the game's bosses and the best way to approach them. Take a deep breath, have a look at the tips below, and try your best to enjoy yourself and the challenge that the bosses pose.

How to Beat the Storm King in Demon's Souls

You likely spent a good chunk of the Archstone of the Shadowmen stage leading up to this boss getting pelted by the stingray enemies flying overhead. Well, this Storm King is like those, except it's bigger, badder, and even deadlier. Thankfully, there are a couple ways to take it out with surprisingly little resistance.

Before we break things down, make note of the ruins off to the right-hand side of this boss arena. There's a partially destroyed building here whose walls will provide excellent protection from the projectiles the floating stingrays will reign down from above. These ruins will be your ideal destination regardless of the method you use to dispatch the Storm King.

The Melee Method

If you've got a solid strength stat foundation, then finding and brandishing the Stormruler sword will be your best bet. This sword can be found right in the boss arena itself – alongside a stone close to the edge of the far cliffside. Scoop it up, dash for the building ruins, and equip that sucker.

This sword is extremely effective for this fight, and this fight alone. It has a long wind up and saps away a ton of stamina, but it'll rip through the sky with an air-rending effect that has a massive reach. Sit behind the safety of the ruin walls and attack whenever the Storm King swoops on down. Don't get too greedy as the Storm King will fire a salvo of projectiles that can make quick work of you, but a handful of Stormruler swipes is all it should take.

The Ranged Method

The Storm King is so massive that it's a pretty hard target to miss from range. Take position in the building ruins described above, and have your projectiles of choice at the ready. Once it comes swooping in for the attack, try your best to lock onto the flying behemoth and let loose with whatever ranged attacks you've got. It'll likely take a few passes, but you'll be able to safely and effectively bring down the Storm King with ease.

Storm King Rewards

Your rewards for steamrolling the Storm King are:

  • 40,400 souls
  • Storm Demon Soul

Did you go at the Storm King with the Stormruler sword, or did you spellcast it out of the sky? Tell us your method of choice in the comments below. Have a look at our Demon's Souls guide for plenty more methods for taking out Demon's Souls many other bosses.