Firestarter is a Main Quest in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty that takes place after I've Seen That Face Before. As part of our Cyberpunk 2077 guide, we're going to list everything that you need to know about Firestarter.

Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty - Firestarter

Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty: Firestarter 1
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The sh*t has well and truly hit the fan, and V's waist-deep in the fallout. A tactical retreat is desperately needed, but what is basically a small army of Barghest soldiers stand between the merc and freedom. It's not going to be easy, but at least Songbird's trail of destruction gives you an easy path to follow...

Below you'll find an overview of the Main Quest, Firestarter, which includes a point-by-point Walkthrough, along with additional information that may influence your progress.


  • You'll need to fight your way out
  • Depending on your key choice in the previous quest, you may not have your weapons
  • Take a look around the room for various weapons and grab what you need
  • Fight through the Barghest troops and then (if necessary) grab your own equipment from the locker farther up
  • In the next area, when you're fighting up some stairways, you can head up stairs to the right to enter a small room that's full of good weapons
  • All of this is easier if you chose to trust Songbird in the previous quest, as you can use her hacking abilities to set off various hazards on your way out (she'll also fight alongside you)
  • You'll soon come to a major boss fight if you tried to capture Songbird

Boss Fight - If you went with Reed's plan

  • This boss fight only occurs if you went against Songbird's wishes
  • This is a tough fight if you're not careful
  • The first half of the fight is fairly straightforward: the boss will take up positions where they can get shots off, but if you get close, they'll attack with melee weapons
  • It's probably best to try and keep your distance during this portion of the battle, using cover to get off shots of your own and making sure that your health doesn't drop too much
  • However, if you're a melee character, you'll want to get as close as you can while the boss is reloading or goading you — just don't overdo it and leave yourself open
  • The second half of the fight sees the boss dash around the arena in an attempt to close the distance
  • Again, it's probably best to keep some kind of distance between you and the boss, although that's easier said than done
  • You'll need to make good use of dodging here — and it's a lot easier if you have the Dash ability
  • Keep an very close eye on the boss' knife swings and move as soon as you see them coming
  • Or, if you're a melee fighter, you can attempt to block and even counter the blows to deal damage — it's entirely possible to have a knife fight here, and you'll win if you keep on your toes
  • The biggest threat is the boss' ground slam, which knocks V down — try to jump or dodge out of the way if you can
  • After this move, the boss will move in for a cinematic attack that will leave V on very low health
  • If you get hit by this, heal immediately afterwards
  • It is possible to avoid the cinematic attack, but you need to dodge as soon as V gets off the ground following the slam
  • The only other thing to mention is the boss' knife throw attack
  • They don't seem to use this much, but if it connects, V will be temporarily stunned and a different cinematic attack can play out, which, again, does huge damage
  • It goes without saying, but you need to keep moving during this fight

Walkthrough (continued) - If you went with Reed's plan

  • When the boss is defeated, leave the arena
  • Take the elevator, and take care of the two drones in the following room
  • Get in Reed's car right away, or hang around and take out the Barghest soldiers for some potential extra loot
  • Drive with Reed
  • Quest complete

Walkthrough (continued) - If you sided with Songbird

  • Traverse the maintenance tunnels with Songbird until you're outside
  • Walk with Songbird to the car and then talk with her
  • Quest complete

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