Freedom Wars

Freedom Wars


PlayStation Vita
Sony Computer Entertainment
Japan Studio


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User Ratings: 48

Our Review: 7/10

Freedom Wars News



  • News Whoops, Freedom Wars' Producer Has Left the Franchise 

    Perfect timing

    Don't you just love it when stories tie together? In the early hours of this morning, we reported that PlayStation Vita title Freedom Wars may end up getting a sequel if there's enough demand from fans, and now, the man who actually stated this has effectively ended his sentence by leaving the Freedom Wars project altogether. Junichi...

  • News Freedom Wars 2 Could Exist, If There's Enough Demand from Fans

    Sentenced to a sequel

    One of 2014's biggest PlayStation Vita titles, Freedom Wars combined a post-apocalyptic, dystopian setting with action-based gameplay and a whole host of role-playing game mechanics. We quite liked it, and if you did too, then you may be happy to know that its producer, Junichi Yoshizawa, says that a sequel could happen - but...


  • News We Sentence Sony to 500,000 Years for This Freedom Wars Troll

    Throw away the key

    Those of you with strong memories may remember that Sony teased a grand finale for its Freedom Wars-themed Sinners Festival in Japan this week. Attendees at the event were encouraged to keep an eye out at 18:00PM local time, when something exciting would happen. Our thoughts leapt to some form of enhanced re-release – but it...

  • News Could Sony Break Out a New Version of Freedom Wars?

    The prisoner

    Savvy consumers will do well to wait before splashing out on hunting titles like Soul Sacrifice, as the genre tends to demand that an updated version must deploy a year or so after the original. Freedom Wars, which was a gigantic success upon its launch in Japan last year, could well be no different either, as Sony is teasing...


  • Game of the Year Best PS Vita Games of 2014

    The whole world in your hands

    For a format that's struggled in an age of smartphones and tablet games, the PlayStation Vita has carved out a committed niche of core gamers who love the handheld to death. We get a lot of requests here at Push Square, but number one with a bullet is more coverage for the Japanese giant's miniscule machine – and it's...

  • News Far Cry 4 and Freedom Wars Scale Final EU Christmas Sale

    And that's the end of that

    Like the big box perched under your Christmas tree, Sony's big 12 Deals of Christmas initiative promised so much – only to serve up a slew of, frankly, underwhelming offers. The platform holder has put the lid on things today, announcing that for the next 48 hours, Far Cry 4 will be available for as low as £39.99 on the...










  • News Latch onto Eleven Minutes of Oddly Specific Freedom Wars Footage

    Handcuffed to your handheld

    People in Japan must have more patience than the rest of the world. While we tend to fidget whenever a trailer fails to show an explosion for more than five seconds, this footage of PlayStation Vita exclusive Freedom Wars outlines the title’s control scheme in painstakingly precise detail. Did you know that the left...

  • News PS Vita Exclusive Freedom Wars Sheds Its Shackles at Jump Festa

    On parole

    Now that Media Molecule’s adorable paper-based platformer Tearaway has been tossed onto store shelves, the release schedule for the PlayStation Vita is looking a little bleak. Fortunately, there are new titles on the horizon, including Japan Studio’s co-operative demon slayer Freedom Wars, which is due out at some point in 2014. It...


  • News Get Your First Glimpse of Freedom Wars' Gameplay Here

    What you'd expect

    With God Eater 2 making waves in Japan, hope for Sony's portable console is at a high in its home territory right now. Helping matters further is this intriguing gameplay trailer for Freedom Wars – a title that's also partly from God Eater studio Shift. While the video doesn't show too much, it does give a decent look at what...

  • News Sony Liberates Freedom Wars Footage on 21st November

    Good behaviour

    Crikey, all of the components are in place for a killer month of PlayStation, aren’t they? Not only is Sony’s next generation console set to deploy in North America and Europe this month, but the firm’s also readying the launch of the promising PS Vita TV in Japan, teasing something to do with its


  • News Freedom Wars Sets Its Sights on Eight Player Action

    Fresh information on Sony's biggest Vita exclusive

    Freedom Wars – the new PlayStation Vita exclusive from Japan Studio – sounds awesome. Following this week’s official reveal, Sony has followed up with a full 12-page feature on the adventure in Famitsu magazine, which offers a broad overview of what you can expect from the game when it...

  • News Sony Unleashes Freedom Wars on PlayStation Vita in 2014

    Open your eyes

    Remember last week’s mysterious Japan Studio teaser? Sony’s followed it up with an official announcement, revealing Freedom Wars for the PlayStation Vita. The title – which is due out in 2014 – is described as a multiplayer action game, which means, well, it’s probably going to be a lot like Monster Hunter. There’s an...