Number of Players
1 (Single Player)
Release Date

PlayStation Minis

  • EU 12th Nov 2009, £3.49


  • Review Circles, Circles, Circles (PlayStation Minis)

    Circles is a brain-bending little puzzle-title that requires the application of simple mathematics to provide a deviously challenging experience

    Fans of Sudoku are likely to fall in love with Circles pretty quickly. Like the popular commuter's past-time, Circles is very much inherent with the basic principles of maths. By rotating wheels of four...


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About The Game

This is a brain-teasing puzzle game where you conquer the golden zero in the world of circles using basic maths skills.

Inspired by a war strategy called Chakravigua; the Sanskrit word Chakravigua means Circle strategy where a battalion forms a circle around the king to protect him.
Rotate the cursor to move the given blue circles to conquer the golden zero.
On every rotation the less value circles will be destroyed, so calculate the greater number before every rotation.