Bloodborne: The Old Hunters

Bloodborne: The Old Hunters


PlayStation 4
Sony Computer Entertainment


Game Rating

User Ratings: 21

Our Review: 9/10

Bloodborne: The Old Hunters News



  • Guide How to Beat Bloodborne: The Old Hunters' Bosses

    A hunter's nightmare

    Bloodborne is back with The Old Hunters, a brutal but brilliant slice of post-release content that not only massively expands upon the release's arsenal but also includes new environments and, of course, boss battles. Following on from our coverage earlier in the year we've decided to put together a guide for all five of the big...


  • News How Will You Access Bloodborne: The Old Hunters on PS4?

    Pretty easily, actually

    We love Bloodborne here at Push Square Towers, but it can be a pretty convoluted game. It wouldn't come as a massive surprise to us if upcoming expansion Bloodborne: The Old Hunters was a challenge to access, then – but according to a Q&A on the official PlayStation website, you'll be able to get to the new content with...

  • News PS4 Exclusive Bloodborne Gets Presumptuous with Game of the Year Edition

    Prepare to die

    Bloodborne is currently this author's Game of the Year, and unless the final episode of Life Is Strange is something truly special, it's unlikely to be bettered in your humble host's eyes. Still, we can't help but feel that Sony is being the teeniest bit presumptuous with Bloodborne: Game of the Year Edition – namely because it...