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  • News ANTHEM's Big Overhaul Has Been Cancelled

    Small team moved on to Dragon Age 4

    Following an internal meeting earlier this month, the major overhaul planned for BioWare's ANTHEM has now been officially cancelled. A new blog post states that while the live service will remain active, development on any new content or updates has ceased. "I know this will be disappointing to the community of...

  • Rumour EA Will Decide If ANTHEM Lives or Dies This Week

    Publisher to evaluate ANTHEM Next

    A big ANTHEM overhaul has been in the works at BioWare since at least early 2020, following the game's incredibly shaky launch back in February 2019. And now, it's apparently time for EA to step in and see whether it thinks that the project is still worth backing. According to a new Bloomberg report, the publish


  • News ANTHEM's Big Overhaul Is Still a Long Way From Release

    It's in "incubation"

    Back in February, ANTHEM developer BioWare revealed that an overhaul of the game was in the works. Touted as "a more substantial reinvention than an update or expansion" by general manager Casey Hudson, it's been months since we've heard anything more about ANTHEM's future. The good news is that BioWare has broken the silence...






  • News ANTHEM Lead Producer Leaves BioWare

    Another nail

    ANTHEM lead producer Ben Irving -- who's appeared on many an ANTHEM livestream over the last nine months or so -- has revealed that he's leaving BioWare after eight years with the developer. Irving has basically been the spokesperson for ANTHEM since it launched -- he appeared at EA's E3 show to talk about the game's future. Of course,...

  • News ANTHEM 1.3 PS4 Patch Finally Adds Cataclysm Event, But Nobody Seems to Care

    New story missions

    Remember ANTHEM? It has been a hot second since Bioware's failure of a looter shooter was in the news cycle, but it looks like the studio is still trying to right the ship with another substantial patch, for now at least. Update 1.3.0 finally adds the end-game Cataclysm event to the game - something that was originally promised to...







  • News Changes to ANTHEM's Awful Loot System are Incoming

    It's a start

    An incoming ANTHEM patch is set to make meaningful adjustments to the game's frankly awful loot system. Overall, these changes should make grinding for good gear less tedious. The update, set to go live later today (that's the 28th February, for those reading this down the line), will apparently remove common and uncommon loot drops if...

  • News ANTHEM Down to £35 in the UK Just Days After Launch

    Weekend's over

    Despite topping the latest charts, ANTHEM has struggled at retail in the UK. Its initial figures are below even Mass Effect: Andromeda's -- a game that was deemed something of a flop in its time. And now, as if to add insult to injury, Amazon UK has ANTHEM in stock for just £35 on PS4. <products id="9721" style="list"> Seeing...

  • News First ANTHEM Sales Info Suggests Retail Struggle in the UK

    Out of tune

    ANTHEM hasn't done too hot in the UK, according to initial sales info from industry analyst Daniel Ahmad, also known as ZhugeEX. We'll have more details soon, once the full UK charts are available, but right now, it doesn't sound good as far as BioWare's latest is concerned. According to Ahmad, ANTHEM only managed to sell around ten...

  • Soapbox ANTHEM's Load Screens are Killing the Game for Me

    Time waster

    ANTHEM's load screens shouldn't be allowed. It's as simple as that. You get to a point where it starts to feel like you're spending more time look at load screens than you are actually playing the game, and it's beyond frustrating. I've had ANTHEM on PS4 for a couple of days, and it's been a bit of a middling experience so far. After a...

  • News ANTHEM's 1.03 Update Promises Fixes and Stability

    So they claim

    It's safe to say that ANTHEM is running much better than it did during its VIP demo and open beta phases, but the final product still isn't quite up to snuff. To combat that, update 1.03 has just been released on PlayStation 4 and it promises to provide general fixes and improve stability across the experience. Weighing in at just...

  • News ANTHEM Explains Ways It Will Attempt to Prevent Players from Absconding to The Division 2

    BioWare releases roadmap for release

    Stop us if you’ve heard this one before: ANTHEM isn’t great. It’s not horrendous or anything, it’s just a bitter disappointment when you consider that it’s been in development for eternity at top-tier studio, BioWare. Perhaps worryingly for publisher EA, this was billed as one of its big bets – it’s...

  • Guide ANTHEM Crafting Guide - All Vendor Materials & Prices

    Stocking up

    If you're low on resources when it comes to crafting materials in ANTHEM, you're going to want to go to the Regulator Store in Fort Tarsis to stock up on supplies. Here are all the vendor materials you'll find and how much Coin it'll cost you. All Crafting Vendor Materials & Prices in ANTHEM: Material Use Price Uncommon...

  • Guide ANTHEM - When Are the Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Resets?

    The live side of things

    As with any live game, the experience of ANTHEM updates itself on a daily basis. Vendors get a new range of stock for example, while quests may reset themselves in order for you to earn their rewards again. These are the times when you can expect ANTHEM to perform its daily, weekly, and monthly resets. When Are the Daily,...