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  • News Changes to ANTHEM's Awful Loot System are Incoming

    It's a start

    An incoming ANTHEM patch is set to make meaningful adjustments to the game's frankly awful loot system. Overall, these changes should make grinding for good gear less tedious. The update, set to go live later today (that's the 28th February, for those reading this down the line), will apparently remove common and uncommon loot drops if...

  • News ANTHEM Down to £35 in the UK Just Days After Launch

    Weekend's over

    Despite topping the latest charts, ANTHEM has struggled at retail in the UK. Its initial figures are below even Mass Effect: Andromeda's -- a game that was deemed something of a flop in its time. And now, as if to add insult to injury, Amazon UK has ANTHEM in stock for just £35 on PS4. <products id="9721" style="list"> Seeing...

  • News First ANTHEM Sales Info Suggests Retail Struggle in the UK

    Out of tune

    ANTHEM hasn't done too hot in the UK, according to initial sales info from industry analyst Daniel Ahmad, also known as ZhugeEX. We'll have more details soon, once the full UK charts are available, but right now, it doesn't sound good as far as BioWare's latest is concerned. According to Ahmad, ANTHEM only managed to sell around ten...

  • Soapbox ANTHEM's Load Screens are Killing the Game for Me

    Time waster

    ANTHEM's load screens shouldn't be allowed. It's as simple as that. You get to a point where it starts to feel like you're spending more time look at load screens than you are actually playing the game, and it's beyond frustrating. I've had ANTHEM on PS4 for a couple of days, and it's been a bit of a middling experience so far. After a...

  • News ANTHEM's 1.03 Update Promises Fixes and Stability

    So they claim

    It's safe to say that ANTHEM is running much better than it did during its VIP demo and open beta phases, but the final product still isn't quite up to snuff. To combat that, update 1.03 has just been released on PlayStation 4 and it promises to provide general fixes and improve stability across the experience. Weighing in at just...

  • News ANTHEM Explains Ways It Will Attempt to Prevent Players from Absconding to The Division 2

    BioWare releases roadmap for release

    Stop us if you’ve heard this one before: ANTHEM isn’t great. It’s not horrendous or anything, it’s just a bitter disappointment when you consider that it’s been in development for eternity at top-tier studio, BioWare. Perhaps worryingly for publisher EA, this was billed as one of its big bets – it’s...

  • Guide ANTHEM Crafting Guide - All Vendor Materials & Prices

    Stocking up

    If you're low on resources when it comes to crafting materials in ANTHEM, you're going to want to go to the Regulator Store in Fort Tarsis to stock up on supplies. Here are all the vendor materials you'll find and how much Coin it'll cost you. All Crafting Vendor Materials & Prices in ANTHEM: Material Use Price Uncommon...

  • Guide ANTHEM - When Are the Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Resets?

    The live side of things

    As with any live game, the experience of ANTHEM updates itself on a daily basis. Vendors get a new range of stock for example, while quests may reset themselves in order for you to earn their rewards again. These are the times when you can expect ANTHEM to perform its daily, weekly, and monthly resets. When Are the Daily,...

  • Poll Have You Bought ANTHEM? What Are Your First Impressions?

    Any good?

    Well this was an obvious Friday poll, wasn't it? Out today on PlayStation 4, ANTHEM has been met with middling reviews and countless YouTube videos claiming that it's a steaming pile of sh*t. According to some, it's quite possible the worst video game ever made, but hey, we're... Kind of enjoying it so far. It seems okay. But these polls...

  • Hands On How Well Does ANTHEM Run on PS4 and PS4 Pro?

    Better than the demos, at least

    After roughly one week of early access on other platforms, ANTHEM is finally out on PS4. We've already put a number of hours into the game, mostly so that we can determine how well it runs on Sony's system. You see, ANTHEM hasn't been doing too hot on PC and Xbox. Technical issues have been present since the demos...

  • Guide ANTHEM - All Vendor Locations & Roles

    The who's who of Fort Tarsis

    What does each vendor in ANTHEM have to offer? And where on the map are they? While the in-game map may offer some help when it comes to what's what, we've got some information that may help you in your travels. Here's the location of every vendor in Fort Tarsis and what their roles are. All Vendor Locations &...

  • Guide ANTHEM - How to Switch Weapons on PS4

    That square button

    How do you switch between your weapons on ANTHEM? You can hold two weapons at any one time, but the game doesn't make it incredibly obvious how to switch between them. Worry no longer, though, we have the answer. How to Switch Between Weapons on ANTHEM on PS4: Once you have unlocked the ability to carry a second weapon and have...

  • Guide ANTHEM Coin - How to Get Coin

    Which activities reward Coin?

    How do you get Coin in ANTHEM? Coin is the game's main currency, and you use it to buy cosmetic items like Javelin skins, paints, material textures, and emotes. Unlike Shards, the game's premium currency that can be bought with real money, Coin is earned in-game, and it's fairly easy to come across if you know how to...

  • Guide ANTHEM - How to Play On Your Own

    For the single players

    ANTHEM was always billed as an online multiplayer experience where teams of four can get together and take on the toughest PvE tests there is to offer. However, you can play every piece of content the game has to offer on your own. Here's how. How to Play ANTHEM on Your Own: Once you've headed to the expedition screen as...

  • Guide ANTHEM Combos - How Do Ability Combos Work?

    What are primers and detonators?

    ANTHEM's ability combo system is one of the best things about its combat. By hitting enemies with one ability after another, you can create elemental explosions that deal extra damage. Combos are essential on harder difficulties, especially if you want to take down tougher enemies that have a lot of health. But how...

  • Guide ANTHEM - What Can You Play Before Fully Downloading the Game?

    For the eager folk

    Thanks to the PS4's neat trick whereby you can start playing a game before it has fully finished downloading and installing, you can get a taste of what's to come in ANTHEM early. But what can you sample before you've got the entire game stored on your hard drive? We're on hand to tell you. What Can You Play Before Fully...

  • Guide How Long Does ANTHEM Take to Beat?

    How long is ANTHEM's story?

    How long is ANTHEM's campaign? How many hours does it take to beat the game? In this guide, we're going to quickly go over how big ANTHEM is, and roughly how many hours you'll have to spend with it if you want to see the story credits roll. How long does ANTHEM take to beat? ANTHEM's length is going to vary depending on...

  • Guide ANTHEM - When Do You Unlock the Other Javelins?

    Getting the team together

    You'll be able to play as every Javelin as you progress through the story in ANTHEM, but when do you unlock them? We're on hand to tell you when further Javelins can be unlocked. When Do You Unlock the Other Javelins in ANTHEM?: You'll automatically play as the Ranger during the prologue mission, but after that, you can...

  • Round Up ANTHEM PS4 Reviews Falter

    Middling reception to massive release

    ANTHEM’s not off to a particularly impressive start, we’re afraid. We wrote in our pre-release preview that BioWare’s big budget loot shooter needs to be much, much better at launch – and despite the pledge of patches, critics aren’t exactly enamoured with what the

  • News Massive ANTHEM Day One Patch Should Smooth Out the Game for Its PS4 Launch


    ANTHEM's in a bit of a rough state right now on PC and Xbox. Based on what we've heard and read, it's not outright broken or anything, but the early access build could certainly use some work in key areas. Fortunately, by the time it launches on PS4 later this week, things should be quite a bit smoother. The game's getting a rather huge day...

  • News ANTHEM Early Access Immediately Hit with Widespread Connection Issues

    Bodes well for PS4 release next week

    ANTHEM is available to play right now on PC and Xbox One, but only with EA's early access mumbo jumbo. Or at least, it would be, if it wasn't already plagued by connection issues. The web is currently rampant with complaints, forcing EA's official help accounts on social media to say that it's aware of the...

  • News Neill Blomkamp's ANTHEM Video Conviction Is More of a Trailer Than a Short Film

    But it's pretty good

    Earlier in the week, you may recall the announcement that EA partnered with sci-fi director Neill Blomkamp to produce what it called a short film based on the upcoming BioWare shooter, ANTHEM. Well, as promised, it premiered earlier today, but anyone expecting anything more than a trailer will probably be disappointed. However,...

  • News Conviction Is an ANTHEM Short Film from EA and Hollywood Director Neill Blomkamp

    Arrives on Valentine's Day

    Electronic Arts is going big with its ANTHEM promotions. The publisher has partnered with Hollywood director Neill Blomkamp to produce a short film set in the game's world. Called Conviction, the video will debut here on 14th February -- Valentine's Day. You can see a brief teaser above. Blomkamp is famed for his work on...