Time Crisis: Razing Storm

Time Crisis: Razing Storm


PlayStation 3
Bandai Namco
Nex Entertainment


Game Rating

User Ratings: 10

Our Review: 7/10

Time Crisis: Razing Storm News


  • News New Patch Disarms Time Crisis: Razing Storm's Accuracy Issues

    Crisis over, and about time

    Time Crisis: Razing Storm is a decent compendium of Namco's arcade shooting games but issues with the cursor's accuracy arguably prevented it from reaching its full potential. Now the publisher has released a new, free patch to address the problem, enabling you to blast with full precision. This new update certainly ups...


  • News Start the Party's Japanese Box Art is Truly Amazing

    Check out the other updates

    Whilst we Western PlayStation owners sometimes get a raw deal when box art makes the trip from Japan – just ask anyone who picked up an American Ico – it's not always a one-day street, as evidenced by this amazing Start the Party! box art from the Far East. The remainder of Move software fares significantly better,...

  • News PlayStation Move Off to a Good Start in Japan

    Four titles in top 20

    PlayStation Move launched in Japan a week ago, with some encouraging performances from launch titles. The Japanese chart from the 18th to 24th of October put the PS3 2,000 units down on the previous week, shifting 20,128 across the seven day period, but Move software fared well overall. Beat Sketcher reached the heady heights...

  • News Time Crisis: Razing Storm Plagued by Accuracy Issues?

    Early reports suggest Move control setup is not ideal for light gun titles

    As you're probably already aware, Namco Bandai's arcade blaster Time Crisis: Razing Storm is available this week across North America, with the European release landing on the 3rd November. The game - which features Razing Storm, Time Crisis 4 and Deadstorm Pirates - is one...

  • News Time Crisis: Razing Storm Shoots Europe from November 3rd

    Demo coming next Wednesday

    Fortunate North Americans are likely already shooting their way through Time Crisis: Razing Storm, Namco's collection of three shooters: Razing Storm, Time Crisis 4's arcade version and Deadstorm Pirates. Europeans will get the chance to try out the title in just two weeks, as the game launches across the continent in...

  • Out Today Time Crisis: Razing Storm (North America)

    Double barrel delights today

    If The Shoot is a little casual for your tastes, you can still satiate your lust for shooting things with Namco's Time Crisis: Razing Storm, also out across North America today. As well as a series-first Online Battle Mode for up to eight players, there's extra bonuses in the form of included games Deadstorm Pirates and...