The Sly Collection

The Sly Collection


PlayStation 3
Sony Computer Entertainment
Sanzaru Games


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User Ratings: 77

Our Review: 9/10

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  • Interviews Sanzaru Games - The Sly Collection

    Sneaky sneaky

    The Sly Collection is a compendium of three of the best-loved PlayStation 2 adventure platform games, with some additional PlayStation Move minigames too. To find out more about how the three titles made their journey to PS3, we sat down with Glen Egan, President of Sanzaru Games, to talk Move, minigames and shiny, shiny trophies...


  • News Sly Cooper Steals into Europe in Early December

    Cooper trio next month

    The Sly Collection, or The Sly Trilogy in Europe*, is already out in North America but it won't be too long until European gamers can get their claws into it, as the game's launch kicks off on December 1st. Gamers across continental Europe can grab the game from Wednesday December 1st, antipodean fans receive the title the...

  • News Get a Sneaky Advantage with The Fight: Lights Out DLC

    Leading the charge in this week's US update

    So you've bought The Fight: Lights Out and you're finding it a bit tough – why not download some extra content from the PlayStation Store to give you a fighting chance? For $0.99 a pop you can buy yourself the ability to wriggle from grapples, extra stamina and harder punches, amongst other combat...

  • Out Today Tuesday November 9th 2010 (North America)

    A string of titles to delve into today

    Whether you're into singing, dancing, fighting or stealthing, there should be something to tickle your fancy this week as a trio of Move-enabled titles land on North American shores. Of course, we'll bring you full and honest reviews of these games shortly. Will you be picking any of these titles up? The Fight:...

  • News The Sly Collection May Be an Appetiser for Sly Cooper 4

    Trophies hints at further raccoon adventures

    The Sly Collection is a HD, 3D-enabled, Move-compatible collection of Sly Cooper's three PS2 adventures, but what we all really want is a brand new adventure for Thievius Raccoonus. The good news is that the collection's trophies hint at a possible future return for Cooper's clan. The Platinum trophy...


  • News Sly Cooper Collection Unmasked for November 9th US Launch

    Move minigame screenshots inside!

    If you had a PS2, and you didn't play any of the Sly Cooper games... let's just say you missed out on some fine entertainment. It's okay though, you didn't miss out completely: Sony is bringing The Sly Collection (The Sly Trilogy in Europe) to PS3 later this year, and it's coming equipped with PlayStation Move...

  • News Sly Cooper Collection Screenshots a Bit Hit and Miss

    Go behind the mask

    The Sly Collection is set to revamp all three Sly Cooper adventures from the PlayStation 2 in brand new HD-o-vision, with some 3D effects and PlayStation Move minigames thrown in for good measure. Now we've got some fresh screenshots of the pack to share with you, but they may not be quite as polished as you'd expect. Whilst the...