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  • News Sony Flinging PAIN onto the PSN for Free

    Bring the pain

    In 2007, agony was brought upon the PlayStation Network in the form of PAIN, a ludicrous yet hilarious title which enabled you to chuck a human being at buildings, vehicles, and various surrounding landmarks with the objective of causing as much mayhem as possible. At the Brazil Game Show, Sony announced that the injury inducing...


  • News Get a Sneaky Advantage with The Fight: Lights Out DLC

    Leading the charge in this week's US update

    So you've bought The Fight: Lights Out and you're finding it a bit tough – why not download some extra content from the PlayStation Store to give you a fighting chance? For $0.99 a pop you can buy yourself the ability to wriggle from grapples, extra stamina and harder punches, amongst other combat...

  • News Plenty of Move Videos and Themes in This Week's Store Update

    Head on in to see what's up

    A bumper crop of Move content this week, with trailers, videos, a patch for PAIN and even a full game to download. Sports Champions gets a reverse disc golf course, High Velocity Bowling gets a digital compendium of all content and TV Superstars themes jump up and down screaming "pick me! Pick me!" in a manner...

  • News Patched for Move: PAIN (Free)

    Shake to ooch

    If you're a fan of PAIN – the game, that is – you can now grab a free update to let you use the Move controller in game. It seems from the official description that you won't be able to use Move in every level, but it compensates by adding new stages and gameplay modes. There's more information over at the official PAIN blog. We'll...


  • News PlayStation Store Updated with Move Content A-Go-Go

    Demos, patches and more good stuff

    Today's the day that users all across Europe – except the UK, that is – can Move into the next generation of motion controlled gaming, with the controller and games launched across the mainland continent. If you haven't made it to the shops yet, or your pre-order hasn't popped through the post, consider whiling...

  • News Move-Enabling Patches May Cost You

    Don't expect them all to be free

    Looking forward to the Move-capable updates of Heavy Rain and Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition? We imagine there are several more updates on the horizon, but you'd imagine having already bought the game and controller you wouldn't have to shell out again to use them together. Well, you might be wrong. The Official...