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  • News Become Entranced With Dyad's PSN Demo

    Dig out your tie-dyes and lava lamps

    Get into the groove with ][ Games' latest psychedelic experience, Dyad, now available to try for yourself on the PSN store. The first five levels will be accessible during the demo, but be careful, you might just get hooked. The PlayStation Plus discount for the game will also be continuing this week, so grab it...

  • News Dyad Could Still Come to PlayStation Vita

    But only if it's good

    Shawn McGrath’s retina razing arcade racer Dyad is currently only available for PS3, but the developer has not ruled out the possibility of a Vita release too. Chatting on the latest episode of the PlayStation Blogcast, McGrath explained that the title could make the jump onto Sony’s shiny new handheld as long as the port...

  • News Dyad Assaults Your Senses on 17th July

    Taste the rainbow

    Bonkers PlayStation Network exclusive Dyad is set to send you on a kaleidoscopic trip come 17th July, Sony has announced. The inexplicably hypnotic puzzle action racing thing will set you back $14.99. It promises 27 “sensory scrambling” stages, a Platinum Trophy, and more psychedelic colours than the Magical Mystery Tour. For...