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  • US 8th Jan 2013
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Dance Magic News

  • News Save the World One Song at a Time with Dance Magic

    Bust a groove

    We’ve always fancied ourselves as heroic popstars, but sadly we’ve got two left feet. Still, at least we’ll be able to live out our fantasy from behind the controller in Gaijin Entertainment and Targem Games’ upcoming Dance Magic. The swish PlayStation Network exclusive – due out on 8th January in North America – promises...

  • News Dance Magic Sounds Better Than We'd Thought

    ESRB rating details game

    It's refreshing to see a dance game try something different, and that's exactly what Dance Magic is offering. On the surface it appears to be a straightforward follow-the-arrows affair, but you'll actually take part in "magical dance battles", according to a recent rating by the ESRB. The moves you pull off...

About The Game

What if dancing could heal the world? In Dance Magic, it can.

Imagine a world where every person is not only a dancer, but also a warrior fighting for peace on Earth. These people have developed Dance Magic, a new form of biological energy that can only be realized by dancing. From the smallest personal disagreement to widespread military conflicts—all can be resolved through dancing duels.

Now worldwide peace is threatened by a rising evil. A powerful dancer has plans to use Dance Magic to take over the planet. People will die and the power of dance will be used to destroy, not to heal. Join the fight to stop him! Take part in the most important dance-off of all. You and your friends can save the planet, and the human race!