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I've been subbed to Game Sack for quite a while. They make fairly polished, entertaining videos primarily about older systems and games. Definitely worth a look if you enjoy playing and/or learning about often overlooked retro games.

Just One Cookbook is a cooking channel that details how-to make a variety of delicious looking Japanese recipes.

Red Letter Media is already a pretty big and well-known channel, but they're worth a shout-out. Their reviews of old horror movies, deep dives into often insanely amateurish B-films, and pretty much all of their Best of the Worst-related content is just ludicrously entertaining. I'll just link my personal favorite video of theirs.

YaleCourses provides complete lecture sets on a variety of subjects ranging from chemistry to history. Great for those who like to mix in a bit of educational material with their leisure listening.

MITOpenCourseWare is another great educational resource, with giant playlists of videos covering a large range of subjects.

Red Bard is an entertaining channel featuring high-quality video lectures about just... all sorts of topics related to anime, anime fandom, Japanese video games, and anything within that orbit, really. It's a fun channel.

Sailor Moon Says! is a channel that posts random clips of terrible/funny/awkward dialogue/voice acting from the infamous DiC English dub of the show from back in the mid-90s. Always gives me a laugh.

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Got to love how I literally went looking for the channels I used to watch and my old lists, then came across Dan Avidan. Today of all days.

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@Blooper987 I love that Scott went away for 3 months and when we were expecting a shorter video he releases Nintendo Switch: The Movie

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Blooper987 wrote:

Scott just uploaded a movie-length video about the switch. So uh... enjoy

Interesting videos. Thanks for the advice



So.....Even if his channel is going downhill as of right now:
Mr fruit (gaming youtuber, sometimes plays with his friends).
Amazing soothing voice, and great jokes are awaiting.
I don't recommend any particular video, choose a video about a game you like watching and enjoy.

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I know this is called Youtube Recommendations but let me recommend some Twitch streamers I like!
RTGame - Variety gaming content
KayKayClue - Art, rhythm games, occasionally other things
Caddicarus - The guy I mentioned in my first channel recommendations list but he streams games!
CallMeKevin - Gaming, occasionally watches the dumb british and Irish dating show Take Me Out

Watch The Mitchells vs. the Machines on netflix
Super hyped for Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart
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Easy Allies, Skill Up, ACG, PlayStation Access, Kinda Funny, Sacred Symbols, MBG... there are probably others I watch too but im definitely a regular visitor at those mentioned above.

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