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Beating @Fight_Teza_Fight to create the thread (just kidding), thought it would be easier to have a new Thread for 2019.

So what are your New Years Resolutions for this year? Will you be cautious and just try to be sensible with your purchases or will you vow to complete every game in your backlog by mid-January? Does anyone need help in resisting pre-ordering Anthem Super Special Early Gold Deluxe Statue Platinum Cash Grab edition? What about beating @themcnoisy at a game of his choice? Is 2019 the year to give Fallout 76 a chance?

List them below - as many or as few as you like. Then throughout the year, update the successes, failures or any change in direction!

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As for me - well, 2018 was about a 50/50 success rate so I have tried to be a bit more specific.

1) Beat Dark Souls: Remastered - I bought it, I have 2 and 3 gifted to me as well but I really want to sit back and play this game. Loved Bloodborne but struggled to get hooked with Demon Souls. Let's see how this goes.

2) Work my way through older Metroid Games on original hardware - I played Samus Returns and Zero Mission last year. I have Metroid Prime 1 and 2 on the shelf and am saving for Fusion. I won't finish them all but I would like to at least crack Fusion and replay Prime 1. Any more is a bonus.

3) Play two more Zelda games this year. I have nearly finished Wind Waker on GC but I want to try and play through some other games.

4) Continue my GC collection - I have got into collecting Gamecube games and accessories so I want to continue. On my list are all the RE games, Zelda Twilight Princess and Paper Mario.

5) Play at least 4 PS Plus games this year - I think this represents good value for money as I don't use online much. I managed 6 last year but that included PS Vita games so will settle for 4.

6) Invest more time in my podcast and Youtube channel - this means playing more diverse games and recording the footage. Sounds silly but I hadn't even done any video capture or image gallery stuff on my PS4 and only recently realised how strong the tool actually is.

7) Be more positive about games. Something that I think I am guilty of is the self-righteous indignation at the worst practices of the games industry. I still think they suck and will say so but I also want to do better at highlighting just how many positives there are in the game industry. Sure a lot of games are being fiddled with to encourage user spending, gameplay loops becoming grindy to keep players engaged and all that. At the same time, I as a player can have an opinion but also choose not to play those games. I played some truly wonderful games this last year, and not once did I bother with anything of the rubbish I dislike so much. So basically, if I get all high and mighty in comments etc., remind me of this thread and suitably chastise me.

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Edit: I'm adding my non-gaming resolutions as well. I'd like to keep all my resolutions in one place, and making them public makes it harder for me to disregard them.

I'm hitting my goals this year!


Maintain at least a 2:1 completion/purchase ratio for games across all systems.

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for the Nintendo Switch, complete a classic mode run for all base characters, and complete the "World of Light" adventure mode.

Complete at least six more unplayed PS+ games before my sub expires in November.

Two or more Visual Novels this year. This doesn't include games that are evolutions of the point-and-click adventure game genre, such as Danganronpa or Ace Attorney.

Complete four or more Capcom games this year.

Complete two or more games in my PS1/PS2 backlog.

Complete three or more games in my PC backlog.

Complete two or more games in my Wii/Wii U backlog



Get one of my pieces professionally published in a magazine.

Get a driver's license.

Brush up on my hiragana and katakana.

Use the "Heisig method" to familiarize myself with the Jōyō Kanji and get a cognitive foothold that'll allow me to start tackling native material.

Lose 20 pounds.

Read at least one book every month

Finish twenty anime series

I'll update this thread in my progress every two months.

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I will be going into this year trying not to buy any game over £10 as I have worked out I have a good year's worth of games already in my back log.
As well as that I have a few must plays for this year;

  • Persona 5
  • Assassin's Creed Origins
  • Red Dead Redemption
  • Ni No Kuni II
  • Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice
  • Breath of the Wild
  • Final Fantasy X

As well as them I have a list of 150 games that I would like to complete this year ranging from short 1 hour experiences all the way to 100 hours across my X1, PS4, Switch & Vita

Should be a fun 2019!


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  • Okami HD platinum (well on my way to this already)
  • Shenmue I and II platinums
  • Complete Red Dead Redemption II story mode
  • Get at least one Spyro platinum
  • Complete Nioh
  • Play through the recent Tomb Raider trilogy
  • Complete Wasteland 2 (it's been sitting on my shelf since Christmas 2017)

Fairly straightforward. I'm hoping to play the two recent Hitman games this year also, but we'll see.

Good job, Parappa. You can go on to the next stage now.

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-Actually get all the Crash platinum relics this time around.
-Get Warrior rank online in Tekken 7.
-Clear Metal Gear Solid V (Since Oct. 2017), Final Fantasy Type-0 (Since Jan. 2018), and Bioshock (Since May 2017) from my backlog.
-Finish all the main Mario games on the Nintendo classic systems.
-Replay Persona 4.

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@KratosMD The Vita one is a good one - just ordered a new memory card. I find that I pick it up for one title, wonder why I don't play it more, play the Vita loads then it goes into the drawer. I want to always have a game on the go for it. It is easier for me to lug around than the Switch.

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@Rudy_Manchego nice thread buddy.

1) Play PSVR - make room for 2 big sessions when away from work in the upcoming weeks.

2) Put my Ps4 away for 3-6 months.

That is about it really. 2019 is gonna suck, fortunately the backend of 2018 was better than anticipated so I'm hoping the same can happen in 2019. Short term pain for long term gain.

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Don't think I did these last year, so first time for me!

1) Play and Complete Recommendations from PushSquare Community Members
Making friends with all you guys over the past year-and-a-bit has been awesome, and I'm real grateful for some of the recommendations I've been given. My list currently includes Dishonoured, Infamous and Shadow of the Colossus (the latter of which will really, really take some doing, so consider that one written in pencil). Really looking forward to sharing my thoughts about them over the coming months.

2) Play and Complete the Dragon Age Trilogy
This one comes from my best friend. I've often said that "I don't do fantasy" but she talks to me about these games so often with such passion, and they're all so ridiculously cheap now. Given that there's an exception to every rule (and probably more likely because I know Kate Mulgrew turns up in them) I've agreed to give them a go, and will download them shortly.

3) Stop Pre-Ordering Everything
Last year it was Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus and this year it was Just Cause 4, but there always seems to be a game released during the silly season for which I pay full whack, blast through in a couple days and then either think "so could've waited for this" or "wish they'd hurry up with a patch". I think I'd feel less bitter if I could learn patience and only secure pre-orders for certainties; I currently only have one outstanding pre-order, for Team Sonic Racing, and that's how it's gonna stay for a while.

4) Replay More
This will (hopefully) tie in with pre-ordering less, but there are several huge games on my shelf that I've only played once, or haven't played in years, which I'd love to revisit. Things I've wanted to experience again recently include Horizon: Zero Dawn and Uncharted: The Lost Legacy and the deluge of new releases has prevented me. Now I'm determined to make the time.

5) Buy a Nintendo64 and Finally Own a Copy of GoldenEye 007
Yeah, I tell myself this one every year... with any luck, putting it here will finally make it so. I've never owned a Nintendo64 and therefore never owned one of the most iconic games of all time; only ever played it when visiting friends as a schoolboy. If I wait much longer, it'll become prohibitively expensive and / or impossible to find these new and sealed (or as close as possible).

There are a couple more, but I think I'll leave it there and give myself half a chance!

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My first goal is to come up with some goals.

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Th3solution wrote:

My first goal is to come up with some goals.



@KratosMD Yeah, if I do happen to face a release date clash this year, then it'll take some control to step back and decide which to play first and which to leave, so that's where this resolution will kick in. Very easy to say "pre-order less" in a year where I'm only interested in one confirmed release date and one vague mention (thusfar, at least) but I need to be more disciplined overall, I think.

@Kidfried Can't wait to play them! I think I may go for them ahead of Dishonoured and Dragon Age. They strike me as the shorter, easier and more knockabout of the three franchises.

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Replay Persona 4 Golden Persona 4 is one of my favourite games, but I've been putting off replaying Golden because of how long it is. Aiming to get the Platinum, which should be doable on New Game+

Play Digital Devil Saga At least the first one. This has been in my backlog since 2007. Each January I say to myself, "I'll play DDS this year!" and then never get round to it. This time I really should, before my hair gets any greyer.

Get through more of my handheld backlog With no new handheld releases (unless I count Switch games), at least I won't be adding to the backlog. My main problem is finding time to devote to playing, so I feel I need to start slotting in a little time each day.

Don't buy anything unless I'm going to play it right away This is basically the same as last year, but my aim is to be a lot stricter with digital releases this time round, even when there is a good sale on. My only 2019 must-buy on the horizon is Kingdom Hearts 3, which I shall start immediately. Already itching to get Monster Boy, but will hold off!

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Nothing game wise, ill just keep playing what I want when I want!

Personally I didn't expect much from 2018 when it started but I ended up buying a flat which just sort of happened really but it is obviously a pretty big achievement on reflection. This year I'll work on getting it done up.

I also want to cycle 3000 miles this year, I have been doing 50-60 a week since last August so if I can keep it up I should hit that target.


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@mookysam Man, I need to get back to DDS. I played it for a few weeks and then just abandoned it. Thankfully, I made sure to complete the dungeon I was in and get back to the base area before stopping, so picking it back up shouldn't be too difficult.

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same as last year really, try and finish my gaming backlog

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Great start to the thread @Rudy_Manchego!

2019 PlayStation Resolutions:

1) Play through the entire Kingdom Hearts series one last time in the lead up to Kingdom Hearts 3
Currently at Chain of Memories.

2) Beat MGS4 & MGS5

3) Play more Indies
I genuinely think I only played 1 indie game last year (Crossing Souls), so I'd like to play some in between the big releases. I'd like to get to at least Hollow Knight, Owlboy and Dead Cells.

4) Earn my 30th Platinum Trophy
Currently at 23.

5) Beat more games than I buy
This is the year I finally crack down on my backlog!

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@Fight_Teza_Fight Thanks! I have MGS1, Twin Snakes, MGS2, 3 and 4 in my backlog but I doubt I will manage more than one of them!

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