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Maintain at least a 2:1 completion/purchase ratio for games across all systems.

Purchased 23. Before the end of the year, I'll have completed 38. So I messed up my goal, although my backlog did shrink.

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for the Nintendo Switch, complete a classic mode run for all base characters, and complete the "World of Light" adventure mode.


Complete at least six more unplayed PS+ games before my sub expires in November.


Two or more Visual Novels this year. This doesn't include games that are evolutions of the point-and-click adventure game genre, such as Danganronpa or Ace Attorney.


Complete four or more Capcom games this year.


Complete two or more games in my PS1/PS2 backlog.

Kindasortanotreally? I completed a PS2 game pretty thoroughly, and gave up on a PS1 game I found to be boring. I'll consider this 75% complete.

Complete three or more games in my PC backlog.


Complete two or more games in my Wii/Wii U backlog


Only really failed one, so I think I mostly did well.

We won't talk about my rl goals, though. Ha. ha. ha.


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Well, let's see how I did-

DerMeister wrote:

-Actually get all the Crash platinum relics this time around.
-Get Warrior rank online in Tekken 7.
-Clear Metal Gear Solid V (Since Oct. 2017), Final Fantasy Type-0 (Since Jan. 2018), and Bioshock (Since May 2017) from my backlog.
-Finish all the main Mario games on the Nintendo classic systems.
-Replay Persona 4.

1. Nope. I went halfway through Crash 2 before I was swamped with other games. I haven't given up on it, but it's something to hold off on.

2. Yes. Did it with Leo, my 2nd main that I play like a 1st main.

3. Only finished Type-0. I quit MGSV out of frustration and I started Bioshock again pretty late in the year. I could finish it if I marathoned it for the rest of the year, all 5 days of it, without sleeping. Probably not a good idea.

4. Well, I got SMB 1-3 done, but I'm stuck on a part on World. This will ultimately be a nope.

5. Yep. Unfortunately, I didn't get the best ending, but the work to get it was always dumb on a fresh playthrough. Still writing that review that I probably should have finished by now.

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Hmm not great but not bad at the same time.

1) Beat Dark Souls: Remastered - Fail. Started it the went back to Bloodborne.

2) Work my way through older Metroid Games on original hardware - Semi fail. Nearly finished Fusion and halfway through Prime 1.

3) Play two more Zelda games this year. - Technically yes, finished Wind Waker and the new Links Awakening. Also played some Phantom Hourglass and Minish Cap.

4) Continue my GC collection - Yep. Didn’t get Paper Mario but several other classics!

5) Play at least 4 PS Plus games this year - Yep but was a struggle to fit in!

6) Invest more time in my podcast and Youtube channel - Yes on the podcast but no on YouTube.

7) Be more positive about games. Overall, yep. I have focused on games I want to play and to be honest ignored controversy really. Have used the podcast to jovially point out the pointlessness of some sillier aspects of the gaming world so it keeps me sane.

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So I was trying reduce my gaming backlog this year, but it's fair to say it didn't go so well. I was slightly behind in the first half of the year due to getting a few collections of games that I really wanted and were discounted. Then late on in the year I got a Switch and naturally wanted to get several games for it, then I admitted failure just in time for the Black Friday and Winter sales.

At least I completed some really long games from my backlog, such as Persona 5 and Xenoblade Chronicles 1, and I'm most of the way through Witcher 3 and Monster Hunter World Iceborne. So there's now plenty of smaller games on my backlog, so next year will probably be easier for me to shrink it.

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Congratulations to everybody who achieved at least one of their goals (and if you didn't, don't worry, as you can just roll it over next week)!

As for me...

1) Play and Complete Recommendations from PushSquare Community Members
So I listed inFAMOUS, Dishonoured and Shadow of the Colossus under this one, and I've at least dented it, by playing the first inFAMOUS earlier in the year. I won't ever play Shadow of the Colossus, I don't think, but I still plan on buying and playing Dishonoured, and I have the rest of the inFAMOUS series installed and ready to go. I'm calling a (very) partial success.

2) Play and Complete the Dragon Age Trilogy
No need to answer this one like a politician, as I completed all three Dragon Age games back in the early months of the year. Dragon Age II is my personal GOTY and, despite my hesitation, the whole experience was delightful. I might even replay them all soon.

3) Stop Pre-Ordering Everything
This was a bit of a cheap resolution to make, considering that this calendar year only held two new releases of interest... and yet I pre-ordered them both. Moving swiftly on.

4) Replay More
Whilst I have replayed a heck of a lot of games this year, I called out two specific titles (Horizon: Zero Dawn and Uncharted: The Lost Legacy) and only replayed one (the latter) so am willing to admit that this wasn't a complete success. The sheer volume of older games I did end up replaying (or purchasing for PC and playing again) is tremendous, but I feel guilty about not returning to see Aloy again. Maybe this year, he says with fingers tightly crossed.

5) Buy a Nintendo64 and Finally Own a Copy of GoldenEye 007
The aforementioned PC purchases took the place of this particular target, as I wasn't expecting to be in a position to get myself a brand new rig halfway through the year. Do I own GoldenEye 007 now? No. Do I own a vast back-catalogue of PC games, with some already completed? Yes. This isn't a win, therefore, but rather a loss I can happily live with.

And so that all makes for one solid victory, two "kinda, if you tilt your head and squint" halfway houses, one acceptable loss and one total wipeout.

Story of my life.

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Replay Persona 4 Golden
Didn't manage this one. Gaming progress completely stalled across the board over the past few months which didn't help, though I doubt I would have got to it anyway. With Persona 5 Royal round the corner I suspect I won't be returning to Persona 4 Golden for quite a while.

Play Digital Devil Saga
I started it, got a few hours in and then my PS2 stopped reading discs. I couldn't continue, so this is another fail, but one I couldn't help.

Get through more of my handheld backlog
Well, I finished Trails in the Sky SC, so that's progress, right? Right? Other than that I played a handful of games in the digital backlog. So I'll give myself a lukewarm yay.

Don't buy anything unless I'm going to play it right away
I actually did quite well with this one, for the most part. There's Assassin's Creed Odyssey, Wolfenstein 2 and Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair (all sale items) now in my backlog, but everything else I bought played to completion right away.



Okami HD platinum
Mmm, shiny.

Shenmue I and II platinums
Mmm, double shiny.

Complete Red Dead Redemption II story mode
Enjoyed every minute.

Get at least one Spyro platinum
Yep, just the one. The original game. I might try for another this year, who knows?

Complete Nioh
Got there eventually.

Play through the recent Tomb Raider trilogy
No, in fact I forgot all about this. It's still something I want to play. No idea when though.

Complete Wasteland 2 (it's been sitting on my shelf since Christmas 2017)
I got so sick of seeing it on the shelf that I traded it in. It's a double victory, because I don't have to look at it any more, and I got some money. Hurrah.

Good job, Parappa. You can go on to the next stage now.

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