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Hey all I’m looking for some advice, my kids play minecraft and have done for years, but after the recent crossplay update they can no longer play online multiplayer as it’s asking for them to sign into Microsoft account. As they play only on PS4, they don’t have Microsoft accounts, and I don’t understand why they need one. Does anyone know how to solve this issue as they’re pretty down hearted about it. Thank you in advance for any help you guys give



Thanks 🙂 I’ll have a look in a while and set it up for them. Much appreciated.



@Deanvon01 the update changed the game from the PlayStaion 4 Edition to the Bedrock Edition and the reason you need a XBOX account is for cross platform play but they are free and easy so it's not an issue

on the plus side IF you don't want to use the Bedrock Edition you can revert back to the PS4 edition by press on the last option on the main menu and that way you don't have to use a XB account if you don't want too

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Thanks @FullbringIchigo this helped, along with the rest who took time to answer me. They are happy kids once again, and they were playing the original version last night. I am planning to get them a Microsoft account soon. Have a good Xmas.



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