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Blue Submarine No. 6 (Amazon Prime Video) - Anime miniseries set in a sort of apocalyptic waterworld where jaded seaman for hire Hayami is recruited by international military organization "Blue Fleet", with which he has history, in order to help them put down a band of aquatic mutants and the mad scientist responsible for their creation (as well as the world's flooding).

The Good:

  • The animation is quite good, given that it's an OVA. There is a lot of CGI war machinery that looks like something out of a PS2 cutscene (it came out in the late 90's), but call me crazy but I thought that gave it a kind of certain charm, lol.

The Neutral:

  • It has an interesting world setting & I've liked other series that focus on a crew of a ship to various degrees (such as Cowboy Bebop, Eureka 7, & Macross), however due to it's blazingly fast runtime you don't actually get a good feel for all of this (they particularly spend a disappointingly small time with the crew of "Blue 6", even if it's present in all episodes).

The Bad:

  • As has been touched on before, the quick runtime, as it only has 4 episodes (granted, the last one is almost double length, but still)! Despite some touching moments & heavy theming I never got to the point where I actually cared for any of the characters. Also, a lot of the sciency technobabble explained in the last episode never really stuck with me (I'm still not sure how exactly the mutants came to be, or if their creation was intended or not).


  • I thought it was okay. I liked the world, some of the tech, and thought it had potential, but it just didn't have the time necessary to really expand on any of it.

Content Guide:

  • Sex/Nudity (High) - There are lots of "mermaids" present that almost always have their breasts exposed (granted, they're not really presented in a sexual way, it's just how they are). The most (really only) sexually graphic moment occurs when one of the mutant leaders is heavily implied to have assaulted one of the mermaids (he's jealous that she has the scent of a human male on her, as she was saved by Hayami earlier), and he gets grabby, licking & nibbling on her ears before the scene cuts away.
  • Blood/Gore (Medium) - It's mostly not that bloody of a series, and although there is some in earlier episodes, the most notable is a moment in the final episode where Hayami gets his face busted up really badly, which is quite graphic.
  • Language (Mild) - Typical PG-13 stuff, as far as I recall.

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