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So I wont be posting for the near future. Im off on Holiday in a few weeks and due to business doing amazingly well these days need to workright through. As mentioned in another thread I have also enrolled on a programming course which starts straight after I get back from Salou. That will be tough and I have to knuckle down having zero natural flair in that, but its something I need to do.

With all this going on, a big family and being the main carer for a mum with Alzheimers Im struggling to post anything cohesive without coming across as a jerk as Ive noticed in my latter posts. Tbh I havent played enough of the most recent games or games as a service to form a fair opinion.

2018 has been a bit of a pants year for games I want so far (apart from kiwami 2) and the big highlights from my adventure onto the Vita and PS4 seem to be behind me. The games that are the most popular just do not appeal, and I think thats more to do with my current lack of game time than the games themselves.

Ive had a huge amount of fun watching the forums evolve into a hive of likeminded gamers overwatched by the grandmaster @Tasuki thank you for your full support in the forums.

Reading all of the articles by the best writer in the business @get2sammyb people who work for Sammy who are actually fantastic people in their own right like @quintumply @anchorsam_9 @simon_fitzgerald @alexstinton @johncalmc and of course the RPG maestro @ShogunRok have made this my goto site for everything Playstation.

The amazing community with the likes of @DerMeister @Jaz007 @Splat @adf86 @Bad-MuthaAdebisi and @Gamer83 who were here way before me and made me feel welcome and valued.

Amazing heads from the polls we ran and gamers who post such as @star-lord @Kratos_md @kidfried @fight_teza_fight @Ralizah @feena @th3solution @Mega-Gazz @lieutenantfatman @crippyd @Dichotomy @BoyfromMars83 @Octane @Johnnyshoulder @Roger-Roger @Speedy67 @wanderingbullet @NathanUC @ztpayne7 @mookysam @RR529 @Fullbringlchigo @xMEADx @TheDoofingCritic @Bhattiboy @irken004 @ApostateMage @BowTiesAreCool @dryrain @Mr_Alejo @ToddlerNaruto @Drawfu @Thesnipergecko @DualWielding @Doctor_BK @yeya @KALofKrypton

Special shouts to my main gamerbros @kyroki @kyleforrester87 @Hego @Triplegk @airbag @kidfried and @BAMozzy it was a privilege to witness your superior gaming prowess and be carried wherever we ventured.

I have forgotten to list a ton of people who are boss - but my memory aint what it was back in 2015.

See you all when the PS5 rears its beautiful faceplate.

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@themcnoisy More power to you pal.

Happy trails and best of luck!

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@themcnoisy Enjoy your Holiday and good luck with the Programming too. Its always good to take a break and really helps to take regular 'small' breaks rather than big blocks of 'study' so don't be a stranger...

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@themcnoisy Good luck man! I get being super busy so best of luck with work, the course, and taking care of the family most importantly. Glad to see it’s only temporary though.
Hit me up if you ever need a quick I match of zombies or something!



@themcnoisy Will miss ya bud, but make sure you don't stay away forever and if you cave and come back sooner I won't think any less of you

But seriously, this place will be worse off without you.

Speak soon mate.


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@themcnoisy Word up son. Hope you have a nice hols and I'm sure you will be fine on the course. Won't be the same without ya.

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@themcnoisy Good luck mate! I wish you all the best and take care. You will be missed around here so don't wander off forever Thanks for everything you did for this community.

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@themcnoisy Good luck with everything my lad, take all the time you need — we'll eagerly await your return even if it's 10 years from now. You're a site legend at this point!

Really appreciate the kind words as well!




@themcnoisy Good luck to you mate. It was great to get to know you through the forums and all the Best of polls were great. As @ShogunRok said you are a legend here. Take care man and hopefully we will see you around.

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@themcnoisy Good luck mate, enjoy your time off and I hope you go far with your programming! People like you are the reason why this site is so great and why I love writing here so much.




@themcnoisy All the best, sir. It’s been great to get to know you over the last couple of years playing Rocket League and the rest. Your presence on the site will be missed! Take care


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@themcnoisy I hope you have a great holiday and the best of luck with the programming.



@themcnoisy You'll be sorely missed! I wish you all the best in life and anticipate the moment we'll be hearing from you again

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@themcnoisy Enjoy your holiday mate and the best of luck with everything. You'll always be the forum poll king.

I'm sure I'll be buzzing off your witty posts again in the not too distant future. Take it easy, man.



@themcnoisy Have an awesome holiday and good luck with your programming course and everything else. The polls you ran were great fun. I'm sure there'll be lots to talk about when the PS5 rolls round!

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@themcnoisy Enjoy your vacation and good luck on your programming course! This community would be naked without you, which speaks volumes for all you've done here. Thank you for your support, the forum cups, and from me personally, thanks for being a friend. And of course, I wish nothing but the best for your mom.

You ain't a stranger here. We're only a reply or message away, mate!

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@themcnoisy It’s kind of you to say such complimentary things. I want to personally thank you for all you have done to make this the best corner of the internet. It won’t be the same without you. But we will persevere! And we will be still be here strong when you come back. I look up to you, mate. Thanks for being a good example. I think I’m a pretty good judge of character and we definitely need more of your kindness and wit in this world.

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@themcnoisy - Good luck man! You will be missed...

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