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So i been thinking of a way to ask this question and i think this is the best way. What are some of the games series/franchises that made you the gamer you are today? For me.

My earliest gamer memory would be Super Mario World since back then Super Mario World would be packed in with the SNES. Then my others would be.

  • The Madden franchise, Since i received it with my Nintendo 64 i've been a Madden baby ever since. Yes i know Madden and most Sports games are looked down on others gamers but Madden is in my Gaming DNA.
  • The WWE franchise, yes another sports game but again its apart of My Gaming DNA My first game was WWF Warzone on the N64 and i've been a fan ever since. Like Madden they're my go to games when im bored or just need a change of pace for whatever major release im working on.
  • Assassins Creed franchise, yes another yearly release franchise but since assassins creed 2 i've been hooked on it. I didnt care for the original Assassins Creed or Black Flag and dont get me started on Unity..... Anyways the Assassins Creed franchise has made me into the gamer i am today
  • Halo Series my last games in my personal top five would be the Halo series. I was late to the series as i never played the first two games till the Xbox 1 but i started with Halo 3 thanks to a friend with the Halo multiplayer and its been in my gaming DNA ever since Halo is a day one everytime its released just like the rest above.

Special Mentions to theses 3 that just barely missed the top 5

  • Grand Theft Auto series first game played Grand Theft Auto 3. Never had the chance to play the first two games. But since GTA 3 im a fan.
  • Mass Effect series. What Can be said if you haven't played this series yet play it.
  • Bioshock Series "would you kindly" ......

Anyways sorry for the long read but i would like see what games are in your gaming DNA what games made you the gamer you are today.


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I would start with Altered Beast on the Mega Drive when a cousin of mine played it. It made me understand what a video game was and how it worked. The imagery itself was pretty scary and violent at the time and it made a deep impression on me. Hence its place as the first game I "experienced". Don't remember actually playing it, that part is too vague. Several other games that affected me in varying degrees was Tales of Xillia 2, Persona 4, Black and White, Runescape, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Mirror's Edge, The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, Crash Bandicoot, Halo: Combat Evolved, Fallout 3, Rune: Halls of Valhalla, Streets of Rage, Battlefield 1942, Phantasy Star Online and Sonic Adventure on Dreamcast. Got to mention my favorite game of all time; Total Annihilation. Even after many years it still holds up. Also, Super Mario World is probably my favorite Mario game and the first entry I also remember playing. Fun times!

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Good thread.

Elite on BBC Micro was an early love but I would say Super Mario bros and Solstice on NES were big followed by Super Metroid on SNES. They got me hooked I think!

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As for my childhood, my first gaming console was a SNES on which I'd play stuff like Super Mario Bros, Mario Kart, Aladdin, The Lion King and Illusion of Gaia. Those are the main ones I can vividly remember playing tons. I think the next console I had to call my own was the NDS, where I'd play the usual Nintendo fare as well as games such as Drawn to Life and Professor Layton. Followed by a Wii that, admittedly, I didn't use much for personal gaming and then a PS3, which is when I'd say my tastes really started forming into what it is now.

I'd say Mass Effect is easily the most influential game on my gamer DNA, and I doubt I will ever not call the trilogy the greatest games I have ever played. That said, The Walking Dead was the game that started my interest in choice/consequence games and I might never have even tried Mass Effect without it. I'd also say Game Dev Tycoon had quite an effect on me in that it kickstarted my love for simulation games. I love a good in-depth movie studio/record label simulator. The Sims 3 was also definitely huge for me back in 2012, and I still come back to The Sims 4 at times now. And well.... I'd also have to say Minecraft was a big deal for me back in 2010 - 2013 most prominently. Also, Saints Row 2 is easily the best co-op experience I've had in a game.

I think those are the games most worth mentioning when it comes to forming my "gamer DNA". I suppose that exposes me as one of the younger people on this forum, haha.



Definitely Doom, Mortal Kombat, mario platformers, donkey Kong, street fighter, command and conquer, streets of rage, Duke nukem, theme hospital, Mickey mouse magical quest, Pokémon up to black and white, sonic, crash bandicoot

It's weird because other game series' that I would say are part of my DNA because I've played so much - I have either dropped the franchise or come into it late.

Stuff like GTA I only completed the first two (and London) but lost interest (and the ability to play on my intel celeron pc) when it went 3D. Though I have played bits of 3, 4 and 5, I just never finished them.

I got into Zelda for example with wind waker and twilight princess but since then I have ended up going back and playing most of them and now it's one of my favourite franchises!

I loved the PSX WWF games but I dropped it for the generation after because it got too complicated with all the limb specific health indicators!

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Excellent question.

I'd say the biggest influence on my gaming DNA wouldn't be gaming at all, but rather movies. We had a SEGA MegaDrive II in the house growing up, so I was a big fan of Sonic the Hedgehog (got the comics and everything) but that kinda faded when I discovered TV and film, although I've since returned to the Blue Blur's adventures and have loved (almost) every single one.

But it was Star Wars which landed me my first PlayStation, and then James Bond 007 which caused me to upgrade to a PlayStation2. The licenced games from those franchises, as well as a couple others, were my big tentpole releases which got me into gaming. As I've progressed, most of the new games I've responded to are those which feel like big-budget blockbusters; Metal Gear Solid, Tomb Raider, Uncharted, Mass Effect and the Batman: Arkham games, to name a few. Games with a cinematic flair and similar storylines, sequences and musical scores... heck, going back to the first example, my favourite Sonic games are the ones with fully-voiced scripts and Pixar-esque cutscenes.

There'll always be a few quirky exceptions (all hail the King of All Cosmos) but I'm less of a gamer first and more a fan of "escapist media" in any shape or form; I don't play online shooters, but I do play Star Wars: Battlefront II. Does that make sense?

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Interesting topic. I'd say it's largely the systems I've used rather than the games I've played that have shaped me as a gamer.

From the very beginning using a BBC Micro at school and an Amstrad CPC 464+ at home then on to a GameBoy. My friends had a variety of Sega and Nintendo systems and I didn't upgrade again until my brother brought home a used PS1 and I think it's fair to say that particular system absolutely blew my mind and the possibilities and fascination grew exponentially.

I was still in school while my brother had moved on and I couldn't wait to see what he'd bring home from Blockbuster. Particular highlights being Resident Evil, V Rally and Tekken. In truth, they might have been the happiest times of my life.

November 17th 1997. I close my eyes, and I can picture it like yesterday, Final Fantasy VII. If I can nail down a moment, this would be the one to choose. Not that I'm a massive JRPG or even Final Fantasy fan but this game ... it's kind of hard to describe what it means to me.

It was an early birthday gift from my brother, a memory card would come later, clearly necessary considering we were never able to move past Airbuster for over 2 months. That though, didn't do anything to dampen my love for the game. It's fair to say that, while there's been some extraordinary experiences, nothing since has drawn lines in the sand like that did for me.

A Playstation user since almost day one, I've long been drawn to Sony's powerhouse. I'll admit here and now that it's a controller thing, the wide and varied exclusive collection is just a side benefit, though there's few, very few, that I truly treasure.



Definitely 'Shenmue'. I still remember my jaw dropping when seeing the graphics back in the day. The game play is a bit boring, but the story still holds up. Can't wait for the 3rd game.

Can't wait for PS5!


I've played less games this year since Astrobot and Dreams. Nothing else is even on the same level. So how did I get to this point?

Well I read through the 1000 games to play before you die I got a few Christmas ago and had played around 850 of them, the others I had read up on (other than a few obscure pc games I'm sure we're written as a joke).

I could list my favourites but I don't think they shaped my current idea of what games I prefer today. So maybe the big turning points;

Asteroids - Shoot em ups
Dizzy - Platform games
Daley Thompson decathlon - Sports games
Elite - Space trader games
Renegade - Beat em ups
Robocop - Movie Tie in games
1 V 1 fighter - Way of the exploding fist
First division manager - Sports Management sims
Duckhunt - Lightgun games
Shining Force 2 - Tactical RPGs
Bomberman - couch co-op
Theme Park - Sandbox management sim
Doom - First person shooter
Dune 2 - Real Time strategy
Ridge Racer - 3d driving games
Final Fantasy 7 - JRPGs
Medal of honour allied assault - Story driven FPS
Deus Ex - Action RPG
Unreal Tournament - Online fps
Ninja Gaiden (original xbox) - Soulslike
Civilisation 3 - strategy
Wii bowling - Motion controlled games
Hungry Giraffe - Endless Runner
Statik - VR

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