Topic: How Much Would You Pay for the PS5?

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So how much would you be willing to shell out for the going to be amazing PS5? How much is instant next-gen entry worth to you?



For me, it's $500. I'd prefer $400 again, but I'd do $500. That's worth it to me honestly. If it's $600, well, it'll be time to roll this out again.

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I dunno, whatever it costs I guess? Can't see it being more than three fiddy though, really.

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400-450€ is the sweetspot

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Hard to say until we know what it is and what's in the box.



For me nothing. I doubt I will buy it at launch like I did with the PS4 mainly because I have so many PS4 games in my backlog as it is and really don't want to add more. Maybe I will pick one up a few years after launch when it has its first significant price drop.

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in the UK the PS4 was a bit over £350 at launch so i would say anywhere between that and £450

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The maximum I would be willing to pay is £750. But I’m obviously going to try and get one for as little as possible.

Whether or not I get one will be more determined by what’s on the box rather than what’s in it. I pre-ordered my PS4 because a game called Knack looks like it would be really good a couple of month before launch.



I mean looking at the grand scheme of things will probably set aside $1000 for the ps5 launch much like I did with the ps4. Between the console itself, games, controllers, etc think I spent little over $800 ps4 launch month. Fully expecting to spend similar if not a bit more.



I wouldn't pay much for a PS5 on Day 1, maybe about £200 at a stretch if it had multiple exclusive launch games that I was interested in. It's a low number because I don't generally buy consoles on Day 1, and instead wait until there's lots of games currently available on it before buying.

As more games are released on it then I'm willing to pay more for it, though by that point sales and discounts generally bring the price down.


How much I am willing to pay really depends on the specs and features. I can't say I only willing to spend £400 on a console and then it releases at £500 and blows everything else away that £500 could buy. I would still want to buy it and maybe readjust my finances to try and find away to spend that much. I would begrudge spending £500 on a £350 spec console with say £150 of that being used to have a PS4 built into it just to tick the BC box for the few that think its 'essential' or makes them buy in the first few months but never use once the PS5 library of games builds up - especially as I have a perfectly good PS4 Pro that I can use to play PS4 games on.

Point is, I don't have a budget that I wouldn't consider. I guess if we are talking £1k or more for just the hardware, I would be somewhat stunned and extremely unlikely to buy within the first 6months of launching - just because that is a significant amount of money to find. What ever price it does launch at though, I would expect it to be able to justify itself. I wouldn't pay £1000 on a £500 console just because its Sony or has gold plated logos, serial numbers or limited edition day 1 version - I would wait and get the standard £500 console for £500 - or less if I can find a decent bundle offer. If Sony build a £750 console that's justifies itself as a £750 (or better) console, then £750 I will have to try and find but I want every 'penny' I spend looking at the spec for the future of my gaming, not with some of that money going to dedicated hardware that is only there for PS4 back compatibility.

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@kyleforrester87 I’ll wait for a price to come down even if it had zelda as a launch exclusive. Even I have my limits.



£500 max if it is a 4k 60fps beast.

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$300 dollars tops. The sweet spot would be $199.99 to $249.99. Of course I'm not talking about the launch price, but as a disabled person with very little income I can't afford to buy consoles at launch unfortunately.

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I will wait for the first set of bundles. I can't remember what I paid for my vanilla Ps4 but I got Watchdogs which was big at the time and the last of us remastered and a discount. So yeah if its £400 at launch I will wait for a 10% price drop with a bundled game.

£360 plus a game.

That said If its £350 I will probably buy it straight away.

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After my PS3 that I paid $600 for died, I would pay no more than half of that amount for a PS5.



200. I'll get it near the end of its life. Since mid life hw revisions are a thing now I am no longer buying a Sony or MS box day one. (or year one for that matter) I'll buy games and build my library and then pick up the system when they are cheap.

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