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Does anyone know if I upgraded to the pro would I lose my digital pre order?



No, you don't loose your PSN account just do apply you existing account, your email & password (do not go to making new PSN account). If you don't sell your old PS4 you can play the same game at both console, but for PS+ account you must paid two PS+ subscribe, also if you sold previously PS4, just delete everything frrom your console... And one more accurate, when PS5 will be release, from my source that will be at November will take more money from selling new PS4Pro console then old PS4... I've buy PS4Pro at launch but this is my first console ever and it's a excellent console, (it's better graphic, gameplay, much more compatible with PS VR set and many other PS4 accessories)...
p.s. One advice for you if you decide to upgrade your PS4 buy external USB 3.0 HDD for PS4Pro because you will need that amazing end very practical stuff and PS4Pro stand with cooler and with USB HUB, because you will need that. Salut from Balkan...


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@brownsbuckeye25 All you licences for the PS4 games are stored by Sony. You don't lose any as long as you sign in with your profile on the new PS4 pro.

You can upload your used save files to the cloud which is recommended. Then download them onto your pro.

Another option is to backup your vanilla PS4 harddrive to an external harddrive via usb. Although this is unnecessary if the licences you own still have a presence on the store as it's quicker in most instances to redownload the games.

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I have found a pre-owned PS4 Pro for few € so I'm tempted to upgrade my old OG.
I know I can't simply switch the internal HDD since they got formatted, so I was wondering: if I move all the content I have in my 1,5 TB internal HDD to the 3 TB external one I already use, will this spare me the time to reinstall and redownload everything on the Pro? Or will the external HDD be formatted too once connected to the new console?

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@andreoni79 You can use the external hdd on the pro. I don't know fo sure 100%, but am pretty certain that it will be OK.

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Be careful though, i dont know if its a common defect with the pro having read up on various common cases, but after having mine 2 years, the fan has loosened and its vibrating loudly on the casing of my Playstation causing an annoying noise.



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