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Started, completed and platinumed Football Game yesterday evening. It's an extremely retro text based point and click adventure. Wasn't sure what I was expecting when I bought it but the story it tells is pretty good. Very brief game and an extremely simplistic platinum.



@Gremio108 I got Dark Souls Remastered for Christmas - mainly because me mum was asking what I wanted and I couldn't think of anything so I thought why not I'll play it again - and when I finally unwrap that cellophane I might have a bash at magic. I'll probably have to do an Internet degree in Dark Souls-ology to work out how to use it like. I can't even remember ever having the option. But I'm not that familiar with the games to be honest. Only played them all once.




@johncalmc Good Luck. Only dabbled in magic in the series as some of the homing spells were well handy. Homing Souls Mass. Or something. I recommend having a read on Fextralife or a wiki as there are certain attributes you need to level up to compliment your spells.

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@johncalmc I did try it with Dark Souls 3, but like you say, I just went back to the comfort zone of sword and shield combo. It's all very well people telling me that certain spells can lay waste to certain bosses, but you've got to get to them first. Let us know how you get on if you go full wizard though

Good job, Parappa. You can go on to the next stage now.

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@johncalmc I swear I’ve completed Dark Souls 1 about 8 times by now and have never once touched magic. You’re very brave, from what I’ve seen it’s really quite complicated. My general progression in the series is sword -> big sword -> bigger sword.

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The other day I got 100% of the Hitman Legacy trophies. They come under Hitman 2, which doesn't have a platinum anyway, but it feels like a completion in its own right.

Thank you NHS

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@mookysam I know why it doesn't, but Hitman should totally have a platinum. Congratulations on your accomplishment all the same; it took me a while, too!

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