Topic: Did Sony just take away the hype surrounding Microsoft xbox one x launch

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My thoughts

Considering a lot of them are just cutscene trailers, I'd say yes. Really feels like these were rushed out.

sony exclusive games are always going to be driving force of sales over xbox's high power with 1 or 2 games.

Lots to play on PS4, thats for sure. I could see a scenario where someone decides to get a pro instead of the X after this showing.

What you guys think?

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I think the people who will be buying the new Xbox fall into two catagories: those that have already made up their mind and those who wouldn't have watched the conference (of even known it was a thing). The trailers were nice, but don't think this alone will have an effect on console sales.

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Great thread title XD .

It seems to me that Sony are not one bit worried by the OneX.
No price cut for either model, which everyone predicted and they just raised their PS4 sales expectations to 79 million units shipped by March 2018.

Shipped 67.5 million PS4s by September 30th.

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Yeah the people in the market for either a PS4 Pro or an XB1X are largely going to fall into the enthusiast category and it's likely they already know exactly what they will be getting and why.


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The Switch seems to have done fine without much volume in their library, but they have a couple highly ranked games and I suppose that’s all it takes. The OneX, however, is probably not going to have a Zelda to move consoles. It will be interesting to see. But yes, Sony seems to be relying on a superior library of releases, with the greatest number of high quality looking exclusives on the market. For me personally, I think the strategy is working, but time will tell. If they start to lose market share to Xbox, then expect the announcement of PS5 sooner rather than later.

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No not really. E3 was lack lustre from Sony. Paris was full of very little suprises and a bit more footage of games that are coming out either next year or some time thats yet to be decided. The PS4 does everything I want it to never thought of the need to upgrade to the Pro. I will get the new xbox x they have a good back catalogue of games and I am looking forward to see how they push current and future games. Its reasonably priced for the features it has as well.


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I changed your thread title.

As I've posted many, many times on this website, let's wait and see how the Xbox One X is doing in April or so. It's going to have a fine launch, but I strongly doubt it's going to have any kind of impact on the PS4's momentum.

It's also worth keeping in mind that Microsoft has pretty much squandered the entire year for this new console launch (its hardware sales have declined year-over-year in key territories while Sony is actually up) so it's going to need an absolutely enormous November and December to make up all of the ground that it's lost.


The Playstation consoles just sells way better over here in SEA compared to XBox, I believe. So I think Microsoft will have to rely heavily on US and Europe sales.

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I had forgotten microsoft were still in the console business.

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Xbox One X will probably sell a lot in the first month or two, and then the sales numbers will probably plummet. It's a niche product. Even more niche than PS4 Pro. A niche product of a less popular console at a higher price with less high profile games. Anyone who thinks this is going to do gangbusters is living in cloud cuckoo land. And the PS4 is one of the fastest selling consoles of all time.

Sony wouldn't have to do anything and the PS4 would likely be outselling the X within a few months of launch.




As someone with a Pre-order for the Project Scorpio edition and a PS4 Pro already, I was really hoping that Sony would do 'something' at Paris to Wow. I am not saying that the games are weak etc but if someone wasn't aware of pre-shows or news and only watched E3, Paris etc, for the last year+, it looks like Sony have very little to offer - granted they are all 'big' games but Detroit, Spider-Man, Days Gone, Last of Us 2 and God of War seem to be at every show. I know Days Gone and Last of Us haven't really been shown together but I can see why some may think these are 'interchangeable' and 'similar' from the outside. If you look at E3 and now Paris, the line up had a lot of the same big games. The one 'new' at E3, SotC (a remake), appeared at Paris too. They swapped Days Gone for Last of Us and showed us Ghosts as the 1 big new game in Paris. VR only appeals to a minority and a lot of the 'indies' are blurring together - similar art styles, concepts etc

I know it looks like MS have little to offer in terms of Exclusives but they also have a different philosophy on what they are showing nowadays. I know Cuphead and Crackdown 3 have been announced for years but since Phil Spencer has taken over, they have opted more to show a snapshot of the year ahead - games that we can expect in the next year. This means that E3 is likely to show games we haven't seen before - at least from MS as I expect Anthem to be at E3 2018 but we are more likely to see MS's 'plans' for Q3/4 2018 - Q1/2 2019. I wouldn't be surprised if we see games like Days Gone, Ghost, LoU2 etc at E3 2018.

Not saying 1 method is better than the other - although I prefer to see a snapshot of the year ahead - not long term projects. For Sony though, it does make them look like they have a lot of big projects for us to look forward too compared to MS. I know Sony should have more Exclusives as they have far more studio's.

I do wonder though if Exclusives matter more to 'fanboys' than the majority of gamers. Some 'bragging' right more than actually something most want to play. Apart from 2 exclusives and a couple of remasters, the rest of Sony's Exclusives have sold less than 3m. Considering they are nearly at 70m consoles, that means 19 out of 20 people don't buy that exclusive - in other words, only 5% actually bought. H:ZD is not quite at 4m yet - the 2nd highest 'new' Exclusive behind Uncharted 4. The only other exclusives to sell more than HZD are Last of Us Remastered and Nathan Drake collection. ND have the top 3. For all the talk of games like Bloodborne for example, that sold less than 3m. Considering how much AC: Unity/Syndicate, Watchdogs 1 and 2 etc were criticised or reported as selling 'poorly', these all sold more on PS4 alone.

What people may consider though is where the majority of games they buy, the 'biggest' selling games will look and play the best. I know the 'X' is more expensive but compared to buying a Pro and a dedicated 4k HDR Bluray, its cheaper and much better spec for gaming. Is that £100 difference worth it to play their games at the 'highest' picture quality, even on a 1080p TV, for the sake of an extra couple of games. For those with a PS4, is it worth buying the X to have the majority of their games look and or play the best and keep their PS4 for those few exclusives they wanted. There is always going to be 'fanboys' that will never buy the 'rival' regardless of whether it is the best or not. But as more and more games release with a 'big' difference between the Pro and X, as well as more and more upgrading to 4k, I don't think Sony can rely purely on the strength of its exclusives. You could argue that its better to buy an X now for the majority of the games releasing and maybe pick up a pro in a few years time when they are cheap to play the few exclusives you missed or wait for the PS5 and inevitable remasters of these. Being mostly SP games, they are not exactly 'time sensitive'. I know 'Streaming' may be more popular but its not at the same quality of 4k HDR Bluray and the Xbox also offers Dolby Atmos too - not just in movies either but gaming. I know some won't care because Streaming is cheaper and they don't have Atmos anyway but then some will want the best visual and audio quality from both games and films.

The fact is that the X will play the biggest selling games with the 'best' visuals and possibly performance too. Its not 'just' about the resolution either. With 'Quality' modes offering the highest standards of visual settings being offered too. I know the Pro has these modes too but if you look at Rise of the Tomb Raider, Pro's 'Quality' mode is 1080p where as the X offers a CB4k Quality mode - with Higher res textures - that makes it better than Pro's '4k' mode - a CB option but with lower quality textures and lower visual settings. Its not 'just' Visuals either as the X 60fps mode runs better than the Pro's 60fps mode. It may not be a big deal that CoD and SW:BF2 look and/or run better, but what about say RDR2? If that's offering a big upgrade in visuals - higher resolution, higher textures, better draw distances etc etc. The gap is much bigger than the XB1 to PS4 difference - and even though Xbox had the deal with CoD, Fifa etc at launch, the games looked and/or ran better on PS4. It wasn't 'exclusives' that sold the PS4 then. You could argue 'price' and E3 2013, but within 6months, XB1 was cheaper and reversed everything that went down poorly. The PS4 still continued to march ahead because at the end of the day, it was the console that played the majority of games the best.

I am not dissing the Pro, not at all and believe it was designed the way it was as a 'half step' and not 'too powerful' that Sony may have trouble selling the PS5. Why buy the PS5 if the Pro is hitting 4k with High res Textures? Specs may not be much of a jump either comparatively or feel they have to go 'overboard' to make it look like a 'next' gen spec. If they gave us 12GB of RAM, 6Tflop GPU for example, a 16GB RAM, 8tflop GPU PS5 doesn't seem much of a jump - just 33% 'better'. They may feel they have to put 20GB RAM+ and a 12tflop GPU just to make it appear like a 'significant' and 'next gen' leap.

I am playing a bit of 'devils advocate' here as most will side with Sony regardless - understandable as it is a PS website. I think Sony could have done more at Paris and showed more variety. Detroit, Last of Us 2, GoW, Ghosts etc all had a dark and gritty look and most appeared at E3, where was Dreams or Wild that could have added more variation. For someone who may have watched E3 and now Paris, it looks like Sony only have a 'few' games with similar vibes - excluding VR/Indies but MS had a lot of decent looking indies at E3 too. Sony could have dropped the prices too of hardware too or made some big announcement. MS has Backwards Compatibility, cheaper Gold, etc so what can Sony offer to rival that. Maybe nothing but a few 'exclusives', at least until the PS5 comes out.

I know Sony has a massive lead in terms of sales and even if MS sell their consoles at the same rate Sony did for the past 4yrs, outselling Sony 2:1, it will take 4yrs to catch up. Extremely unlikely of course. However, I also don't think you can live on 'past' glories either. That's kind of like the Tortoise and the Hare where the Hare had an unassailable lead and got complacent. I don't think Sony will lose this 'race' though - its not an actual 'race' after all and its not like Sony will sales will effectively 'stop for a sleep' for the next 3-4yrs either.

Point is, if Sony really wanted to do 'something' that took the focus off of Xbox, they didn't really do that with Paris. Showing the same few games again and again isn't going to change peoples minds. They had the opportunity to really do a 'Part 2' to E3 but instead it ended up being E3 again. They could have had a different line-up completely so that when you watched Part 1 (E3) and Part 2 (Paris) back to back, it gave us more variety. At least there is PSX to come and hopefully see something different there.

Again to reiterate, I am not dissing Sony, the exclusives or the PS4/Pro before anyone decides to have a go at me...

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In terms of exclusives, it had always been, 1st Playstation and 2nd Nintendo for me. There are just not enough of exclusives on Microsoft's that interest me for me to even consider getting one of their consoles, unfortunately.

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@get2sammyb I don't know, I think it could impact on Sony's momentum. You have to remember that for the last year, Sony have had the 2 most powerful consoles on the market yet MS have had the Slim. That Slim had the 'weakest' gaming performance of the 3 consoles and its 'biggest' selling features, the 4k HDR Bluray and HDR gaming, only benefits those with a 4k HDR TV. If you only have a HD TV, the PS4 or Pro is certainly offering the best gaming platform for the majority of releases. A PS4 Slim also offers HDR but generally at 'higher' native resolution than the XB1s so even if you have a 4k TV, the two Playstations offer more than the XB1s. The XB1s though did make a decent cheap 4k HDR Bluray player so maybe some gamers picked it up primarily for the player and access to a few MS exclusives. There is also the possibility that XB1s sales dropped as the year progressed due to the impending launch of the X. People that may of bought the S opting to hold out until the X arrived instead. We did see a decline in PS4 sales too up until the launch of the Pro - enough of a Drop for MS to take top spot in terms of sales.

Point is, Sony had 2 consoles and 'both' offered 'more' to gamers than an XB1s so its unsurprising that the XB1s didn't really impact on Sony's Momentum. Now with the X, and the fact that more people nowadays have 4k TV's or will be getting a 4k TV in the near future (planned or otherwise), MS will have released a much more powerful and 'complete' 4k capable console. Of course I don't expect it to sell more than PS4 BUT it now gives MS the same '2' consoles on the market - like Sony. The 'only' choice if you wanted UHD gaming was the Pro and we all know the PS4 is the best for 'HD' gaming.

Its possible though that the X could take sales away from both PS4 and Pro. If its selling 10,000 a week for example (not saying these numbers are anywhere near accurate but just 'EXAMPLES), I bet that's predominantly made up from those debating whether to buy a PS4/Pro rather than those considering buying an XB1s. The biggest proportion could be made up from those 'upgrading' too and wouldn't have bought a console anyway. Point is, the XB1s avg sales may drop a bit (because those people now bought an X) and maybe PS4 and Pro avg sales drop a bit too. Instead of selling a combined 20k they now sell 18k and the Xbox sales jump from 10k to 16k a month. It may not make Xbox the 'biggest' selling console every month as Sony still sold 18k (down 2k on avg) with Xbox jumping up 6k on avg. It would seem like Sony still have the momentum being the top sellers but instead of outselling 2:1, the gap is significantly closer. Of course that still means Sony extend their dominance but the 'growth' and 'sales' has slowed, dropped. Instead of growing at 10k a week its now 2k and the sales have actually dropped - meaning that 'momentum' is significantly slowed.

I am not expecting Sony to win November - maybe not December either but I wouldn't be surprised if it does reclaim top spot in 2018 but I do think the gap in sales will be closer now there is more choice.

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They blew Microsoft out of the water anyway. Just by having this press conference, and the PSX coming up, they're 1-upping them. Just name the last really exciting title announced by Microsoft. Good luck!



@Kidfried Forza Motorsport 7, The Last Night, Ori and the Will of the Wisps, PUBG, Sea of Thieves, Cuphead, Anthem, Metro Exodus, Assassins Creed: Origins, Dragonball Z fighting, Code Vein... Just to name a few of the Titles that MS announced at the last E3. Granted not all are Exclusives and some may only be exclusive for a set period of time - like a year - but they were all announced at MS's E3 and all 'exciting' in their own way. Arguably, one of the biggest games of the moment, PUBG, is the 'most' exciting recent announcement that MS made and whilst that could/should come to PS eventually, its still doesn't make it any less 'exciting' for MS gamers.

Its no different from Sony announcing Monster Hunter or Ace Combat and people being 'excited' for those yet they are also multi-platform games. I admit I more excited by Days Gone, Last of Us 2, Spider-Man and Ghost of Tsushima than Crackdown 3, Sea of Thieves, State of Decay, PUBG, and the inevitable Halo 6 but that's my gaming preference but I do find Sony's briefings in general, less exciting (not all the time) because we get yet another trailer of a game we first heard about 18months or more ago and its appeared at virtually every show since its reveal. Again, that doesn't mean that I am 'less' interested in that game but I am less excited by seeing it 'yet again'. I would rather see something 'weaker but 'new'' than something' great but yet another trailer'. It seems I am not the only one as people felt E3 2017 fell 'flat' despite the fact it had a very strong line up of games on show. I can understand why MS's E3 did little for a PS fanboy like you but some of the biggest and most exciting reveals were at MS's briefing - hence Anthem was most peoples biggest announcement and reveal. PUBG also got a very positive announcement. If these had both been at Sony's, they would both have excited PS4 owners a lot too. I wouldn't be surprised if PUBG does go on o help MS sell more consoles so I think it is a 'system seller' - even if it will come to PS4 eventually.

As I have bee able to name a LOT of games that MS announced and excited - I hope that answers your question.

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I honestly think that the people who will purchase the Xbox One X are ether existing Xbox One owners or people whow wanted an Xbox One but we're waiting on the X. So no I don't think it matters what Sony does or did to those people at least.

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@BAMozzy i think you got the wrong end of the stick on this one

yeah MS now has the most powerful console BUT Sony are still releasing a string of new and exclusive games while MS aint, not counting Indy games of course which lets be honest isn't where the biggest market is especially over xmas

you can have the most powerful system but that doesn't matter if you have nothing to play on it (metaphorically speaking of course)

this has nothing to do with power at least not in this context, it's about the games and Sony has a MUCH better line up of games coming than MS does (at least for now)

not to mention 4K isn't a widely adopted format yet and it is very expensive and so is the XB1X, if you was buying a console for your kid a xmas (with no bias at all) what looks a better deal to you

PS4 Pro £349.99 with a game

XBOX ONE X £449.99 by itself

not to mention it's also competing with it's own sister system which is currently sitting around the £200 price mark with a game AND can still play every game the X can

(i just checked the prices on Amazon)

the X is a GREAT system for hardcore gamers with all the current tech BUT they don't make up the large part of the market

the X will help XBOX sales but even MS said they know it won't outsell the standard XB1 and that is already a ways behind PS4 in sales so at the end of the day it's small market audience won't really help

i hope it does well but MS have lost this gen already, they should have marketed the X a brand new system unconnected to the XB1, it would have got a lot more attention as a next gen system

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Tasuki wrote:

I honestly think that the people who will purchase the Xbox One X are ether existing Xbox One owners or people whow wanted an Xbox One but we're waiting on the X. So no I don't think it matters what Sony does or did to those people at least.

Yeah, I agree with this, too. The people that are buying it at launch are going to buy it regardless of anything else.

We now need to see how large that pool of people is, and whether the console can keep selling beyond its launch window.

Just as an aside to back up a post I made earlier: Sony shipped 4.2 million PS4s in Q2 this year. Estimates based on Microsoft's financial reports and the average selling price of the Xbox One suggest it shipped 0.9-1.1 million units during the same period.

They've been absolutely steamrolled this year.

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