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Looking for a 4k HDR tv for the PS4 Pro. Any help, hints or suggestions would be appreciated. It's a minefield of specs out there! Hopefully under £1000 would be ideal!



@Giger210 I agree with @kyleforrester87 to look at the thread he linked. However if you only have a £1k budget, you may struggle to get any TV that offers 'great' HDR as those UHD premium (essentially TV's that meet the MINIMUM standards to deliver decent HDR) are more expensive. The specs are 'easy' but the 'quality' - especially with HDR is variable. Anyway - consider what size, what's 'most' important and whether or not you can stretch your budget a bit more for the right TV and check out that thread as this will inevitably get closed down as there is already a thread for advice and recommended TV's

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