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Just picked up Bayonetta playing it for the first time, and it strikes me as a literal gender swap of DMC3. Anyone else notice that? Instead of a subservient woman there is a useless, cowardly, fat, subservient man at her side. She’s the ultra-skilled, cocky, sexy and violent hero casually fighting..angels instead of demons.

I mean, more DMC3 is always a good thing I guess.



I tried Bayonetta not long after it first came out and for some reason couldn't get into it (gameplay wise) but yeah, it's definitely a lot like DMC in many ways.



@Mega-Gazz Hi there friend.
You are not wrong. Both games share the same DNA regarding stylish combat meter, Boss weapons and a cocky main protagonist.
Also they were both made and created by the same person and most of the same team, so there is that.
Both are great action hack and slash games, that´s for sure.
Still have Bayo 2 and DMC 5 Special with Vergil to finish though.
Way to many games, not so much time 😜
Cheers, stay safe and have a good one

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