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Hello guys.. My PS3 is acting crazy.. And idk why, its been acting crazy in some games like The Last Of Us and GOW 3 the music and the voices is echoing like their repeating what they said and the music too but its not always its like every 7-10 seconds and sometimes the characters is stopping but the game itself is not and sometime the subtitles is late or delayed like its not sync to the character's lip but the framerate is good

I did try the Restore Database, Restore PS3 files and default settings but still nothing.

Btw my system is jailbreaked and i buy it used.

Pls someone answer this! I will greatly appreciate it!

PS: Sorry for my terrible English and Grammar

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Could be any number of hardware or software faults, especially if you've been modding the OS.

It's a case of taking it to a local repair shop or buying another, in my opinion.

Good luck cowboy! Yeehaw!

Edit: one thing you might want to test is whether the fault occurs on disc based games only. So try a few digital games on your hard drive. If it's only a problem on disc games it could be an issue with the disc drive. Good luck!

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It's more then likely because you modded your PS3 and if that's the cause I we can't discuss how to repair it. My suggestion contact Sony and set up a repair but because you modded it it will probably cost you. Either that or buy a new one and this time don't mod it.

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