Topic: My PS3 slim and super slim is going crazy! I need Help!

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The last 2 years these PS3s bugging out. It likes it has a mind of it's own. My controllers fully charged and sometimes wired. None of button, sticks, digi pads nor shift key sticks. The screen is going up and down, left to right. I can't play my albums because it's repeating same word over and over and it echoes. The games on the hard drive after starting to play for 30 seconds I lose control and it's just playing by itself. I have a error code 80010007 I went to youtube fix and it did not work.

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@attilathehun nothing lasts forever sadly… I’m currently on my third PS3.

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Downside of hardware like the PS3 or indeed any of the 7th gen console is its now really old and hardware doest last forever unfortunately

But a few things you could try on your end is try another controller just incase something is going in that and sending false input to the PS3 or get a new HDD in case it's tied to that starting to fail (Very easy to do in a PS3 and you can use laptop HDD's)



Hi i know exactly what this is theres nothing wrong with your PS3 as if you turn it on without a controller synced you will see everything is fine nothing moving about. Its the controller and its a very easy fix.

Take the controller apart and you will find where the plastic film with the button layout on it meets the circuit board its only pushed together with a black foam pad. this foam pad has become compressed. this needs building up i use one of those double sided sticky foam pads you get in stationary cut to size

heres a you tube vid



You have to exorcise the ps3, with the blood and soul of 2 gamecubes and a ps2 slim gold.


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