Topic: I just got a used backwards compatible PS3!

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@Truegamer79 Yeah. I think people have different definitions but for me it's anything more than two generations old so the PS360 era definitely counts!

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Well done and amazing news , to check the old girls fully functional I’d recommend a stress test - last of us. , uncharted 3 or GT 6 .

I have noticed with ps3s even faulty ones that they play the majority of games fine but the 3 listed above tend to brick the machine - don’t worry a restart will fix it but it shows you the state of the machine and if any work is required.

If you get through that Scot free I’d say a thorough clean and if your going to use it as a daily driver an ssd really helps eliminate texture pop etc and generally sharpens things up a little.

If you do need work I found a great ps3 guru who has been very helpful to me with de lids and cap replacements .

Let me end with this the ps3 is a gorgeous machine inside and out and I can’t speak highly enough of these machines


Have a listen to the unofficial controller podcast- on iTunes - Spotify - Sticher - castbox and tunein

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