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@Wavey84 Despite both containing zombies, they're very different games! RE7 has more traditional scares, and I would say is the more horror based game. It also more puzzles. But S&S feels even more immersive due to the move controllers and the wide variety of ways you can tackle problems. Smashing bottles you find on the streets and stabbing them into zombies, or decapitating enemies with a meat cleaver not only feels unbelievably awesome, but adds to the immersion because it's what you're doing. The survival elements are well implemented as well, and the voice acting and story is excellent. You won't be spooked by jump scares or anything, but the tension when the bells ring at the end of the day and a horde of zombies floods the streets is probably the fastest my heart has raced in my life, shooting your way through them desperately trying to get back to your home. It's an excellent game, and one I'd recommend you get asap!



Star Wars Pinball VR. Amazing.

Haven’t had time to try all the tables yet, but played a lot of the Mandalorion, Mando on one side, Grogu on the other, while Ludwig Göransson’s theme music is in the background.

Then when you are decorating your room, you can stick random Star Wars music on like the cantina track. Haha.

Great stuff.



Quick question... I just bought a secondhand Aim Controller and I want to test all the buttons/sticks/triggers are working.

Does anyone know a game that uses all the buttons (including the touchpad button) that would be easy to dip into for a test? Preferably a non-VR game but I'm not sure if any non VR games support the controller anyway.

For some reason I thought the PS4 had a button test option in the system settings like the Switch does but I guess I'm wrong about that 😅

The games I have are
Firewall (plus)
Farpoint (plus)
Doom VFR
Doom 3 VR
Crisis on the planet of the apes
And a few others that I can't remember of the top of my head

But yeah, any suggestions, including something that's not on this list would be appreciated!

I say a dip in sort of game because I don't really want to "start" a game that I'm not ready to play all the way through yet. Cheers!



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