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@SamboNZ A whopping 1h 25 mins before pushsquare's article! Thanks for sharing!

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That's been my Motto for a few years and I try to applicate it in the smallest and biggest things (living the cold milk for someone else? )


Yeah, this all sounds very good. Combined with the rumor that it's going into production soon - I expect a holiday release this year. They'll probably feature it in a showcase around E3 time too.



@lolwhatno Yeh! The only reason I posted it here was because I couldn't see an article on it on the main site. 👍


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If it has a decent enough amount of games I might actually try this. I have always been interested in VR, but PS4 VR just didn't have enough games. The prospect of being able to play those older games makes VR more appealing for a newcomer like me. However, it does need to have its own slew of essential games.



I love my current PSVR system, play it all the time. This will be even better. Bravo.
VR isn’t for everyone, but it is for me. PSVR didn’t hurt the PS4 and PSVR2 won’t hurt the PS5.

You don’t need as many games with VR, you can replay them many times and not get tired of them. Sony has hundreds of VR games for sale in its store. Some are very cheap or even free.

The PSVR is the best VR system on the market today.

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