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Just like most here, i actually LIKE open world games! BUT ONE thing that really turns me off from most of them is having to deal with mission after mission after mission to open up bits and bits of the world so you can just do as you wish. Like, GTA, out of many examples, pisses me off i have to follow a stupid storyline to keep opening up locations and things to do in the open world. Some of those open games just tease you. Oh you like the city, the freedom, well you cant do sh*t yet UNTIL you do this or that mission and move on with the damn story. My biggest gripe is with the Yakuza games. while not considered WORLD open games, i still see a lot of freedom and exploration to be done in the city EXCEPT i cant do a damn sh*t without doing the damn missions. I just popped Yakuza 0 and i already wish i can do the fun activities, but NO! i have to go through the goddamn missions that bore the sh*t out of me.
Does anyone know of a way to cheat and open the whole game without doing missions? I mean, for Yakuza specifically?? Otherwise I have to re-sell it sigh

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@asecin Yakuza Zero is fantastic. The story is class. I understand you may prefer the freedom to do what you want, when you want. But the story is a major part of the series. Once I have finished the story I lose interest in the side activities as the motivation to get better is pointless without having a meaningful impact within Kiryus story.

No idea why you are in a rush to sell a boss game. Take the story in.

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yeah i know yakuza is quite popular for its story. i actually enjoyed the story of kiwami, but never finished it. but for some reason, when i want to play a game, im more concerned with the actual gameplay. if a game is all about the story, then i just watch walkthrough on youtube. like i did with last of us. it was just a movie with some gameplay, in my opinion. i cant wait to watch the walkthrough of second part actually.
anyway, so far im going with the story on yakuza 0 but i really really wish i can just do a lot of other things in there as well without doing SOME missions. is there no way to at least skip the missions? i mean, even getting to the story you are still required to do some chores!



@asecin First of all, they aren’t ‘missions’, Yakuza isn’t a Rockstar game. It’s, first and foremost, a story driven game with plenty opportunity to run around doing stuff. Literally after the opening chapters for each character, you’ll have ample time to do whatever you want. Take your time, enjoy the story, when it says ‘go to x’ just don’t go to x. Instead just go where you want.

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ok you guys keep concentrating on my example of yakuza right now. i mean in general, with all open games i have this problem, not just the yakuza series. i also mentioned GTA which is the crown jewel when it comes to crafting world open games and that game pissed me off with its endless story driven mission after mission of BS things to do, until most is actually free and open for you to explore and get lost in, carelessly.

anyway, since we are on the yakuza games so much, i kind of lost interest lately with some of its story driven crap. i actually wasted a lot of time chasing after some girl's used panties! yes! i had to deal with some girl selling her used panties.... man... its funny BUT seriously, im an adult, i dont have time to chase after girl's panties. THEN i have to chase after 3 not 1 or 2, but 3 guys for stealing some made up game cartridge.... jeez.

but anyway back to world open games in general. thats their MO, Modus Operandi. Always GRIND, do sh*t you dont like, to open sh*t you do like. OR best way, just pay damn fees and open it all! damn!

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