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I'm having a hard time figuring out what is going on with PS now for me at the moment. I cannot access PS Now as since as soon as I try to enter it, it just keeps loading forever. The other accounts on the Ps4 are able to enter it just fine, why won't it work with my account?

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@ByeByeOFH Whenever this happens with an app on PS4, check to make sure you're not leaving other things open in the background. Go to other games or apps you've been using recently, press the Options button and select "Close Application". I know the PS4 can do seven different things at once, but it can and will impact performance.

I have no direct experience with PS Now, but I've noticed other things being slower when I'm downloading / installing patches, for example, or switching between multiple apps.

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@ByeByeOFH Have you tried updating it? Go to the app icon and press 'Options' on your controller. One of the choices should be to update the app. These things tend to update automatically these days, but occasionally I've been using an app and it has forced me to update it before I could use it again.

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