Topic: I’m thinking of getting a SSD for my ps4 and I have a few questions.

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I’m thinking of getting a SSD for my ps4 and I have a few questions.

So the drive I want has no DRAM. The drives max speed is 520 MB/s. But the ps4 is SATA 2 so it would end up locking it to a lower speed. I saw a MacBook Pro get 240 MB/s with this drive since it’s also SATA 2. The ps4s HDD speed is 100 MB/s. So here’s my questions
1.Would I get the same 240 MB/s speeds with this drive on ps4
2.Regardless of the lack of DRAM would it still be faster than the stock HDD. This is important cause I play a lot of open world games that need to load assets from the drive in real time.

If anyone’s curious here’s the drive
Inland Professional 512GB SSD 3D TLC NAND SATA III 6Gb/s 2.5" 7mm Internal Solid State Drive (512GB)



Hello, you asked a good question. I will copy-paste two of my text posts, so I don't have to write everything again...


My personal experience of replacing PS4 slim HDD with SSD. Reason, Result, Price, for anyone who is looking for experience of another average gamer:
So I have decided to make this post because it can be useful for someone, answer some questions and so I can hear some feedback. Or so that you guys can share your experience

First things first: I KNOW that it is not very good thing for several reasons, like…

PS4 phat and slim use SATA 2, which means that PS4 cannot fully use the potential of SSD. So I decided to go for budget SSD.

There is PS4 Pro that has SATA 3, and it is much wiser to use SSD with Pro… But I do not have Pro. I have slim. BTW, you can google “PS4 Pro SSD Test”, and see the results.

There is a PS5 that has an Enormously fast SSD (fastest in the world), so, why would I spend money to upgrade my PS4 slim with SSD, when I can save the money for the PS5? You will see the answer below.

So, with all those downsides, why did I do it? Because for exactly 1 reason. I wanted to Capture gameplay using SHARE button faster! Yes! It could take 15 seconds to save 5 minute gameplay, which is too long for me and I was losing time when playing online with friends. And it was too long for Single Player. And every time, while saving, I was very anxious about PS4 failing to record because of reasons.

And now the result!

PS4 switches ON 33% faster

Main menu and store works with much less lag

Capture menu appears faster

Capturing video takes 3 secs TOPS, instead of 15-20

Also I have decided to move Fortnite to SSD, because I play it a lot, and there was enough space for it. But, basically, Fort does not benefit from SSD. No faster loading, yada yada…

My SSD is Western Digital BLUE 240GB, 2.5’’ , here is the link:

Super P. S. Eng is not my first language, Товарищъ, so sorry for any mistakes. You can ask whatever you want


My Experience of using 4TB WD External HDD with PS4 slim, for anyone who is interested or wants to hear feedback...

For a long time I was afraid to upgrade my PS4’s Internal HDD to a bigger size (I have stock 500gb) because of fear of breaking the PS4. Then I found out that there are no 2.5’’ HDDs with size bigger than 2TB, and 2TB was too small for me, I wanted even more space.

Then I accidentally found out that PS4 uses a really cool File System that lets you use a MAXIMUM of 8TB storage, and you can fill it to the brim and it will NOT lag!! I used to be a PC gamer and every time I downloaded a video game into my PC HDD, I realized that it would slow my PC and, eventually, I will have to reset my PC. So if I wanted to play a game, I had to decide, is this game worth of lagging?

And THEN I found out that I can use EXTERNAL HDD, and it will work with SAME speed as INTERNAL! At this point I decided to buy myself a HDD.

I didn’t, but instead I was gifted with WD My Passport 4TB External HDD with USB 3.2 interface, here is it’s page:

It is not too expensive and has a good Money/Volume/Quality ratio. Results were very good! Because this External HDD is much better than PS4’s stock HDD, loading times were 10% shorter, there are basically much less loading texture bugs, compared to STOCK, and it does not suffer from Slowing Down when it gets filled with games.

As of today, there are 122 games installed, and this External Storage is filled with 2.60TB out of 3.65TB. No lags, everything works like a charm, and it does not get slower. The game’s size ranges from RDR2 (120GB) to Risk of Rain (500MB), and there are no problems.

P. S. PS4 started to switch ON and work considerably Faster after I have transferred all of my games from Internal to External Storage.

Super P. S. Eng is not my first language, Товарищъ, so sorry for any mistakes. You can ask whatever you want


IMO, in terms of money spent / end result, it is best to mix Internal SSD with high-quality External HDD. Your PS4 will work faster, and you will have a lot of storage to store your games. Also, ALL of PS4 games are DESIGNED to work flawlessly with Stock PS4 HDD (it is actually very cheap and low-quality Drive). No real need to use SSD as a Primary Drive for games.
If you have more questions, feel free to ask



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