Topic: Having issues with hitman 2 expansion pass. I have purchased it but can't redeem it.

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Spent money getting extra sniper missions etc, I did the hitman 1 installation first then opened store in hitman 2, expansion pack saying purchased but will not allow the sniper missions to open. Any ideas?

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Daft question but have you definitely fully downloaded Hitman 2?

If so, then have you tried opening the PS Store on its own, rather than through Hitman 2? Make sure Hitman 2 application is closed and try opening the PS Store separately. Search the DLC pack on there and see if it gives you an option to download

Good job, Parappa. You can go on to the next stage now.

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Settings > Account Management > Restore Licences

Always worth trying this. ^
If that doesn't work, I'd delete the game from the system and re-download it. Hope you get it to work.



@crimsontadpoles cheers mate, managed to get it, it was really for the sniper missions. 👍



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